Sunday, October 19, 2014

A care package

I put together a cute little "care package" to send to DD at college. I snapped a picture of it and then sealed it up. THEN I realized the picture is all blurry!

Boo!! Sorry for the terrible photo! I took a medium sized flat rate box and using some spray on adhesive taped blue wrapping paper on the insides to make it look a little prettier.  I found some cute owl stick-on's and put them on the inside flaps and on the card envelope.  About a month before she left for college we both started having owls show up in our lives - every day! My grandparents collected owls and owls are also a sign that big changes are coming.  We have liked to think my grandma is trying to say hello :)

In the bottom of the box I put 2 of her magazines that have come in the mail, along with her voting ballot. I even taped a postage stamp to it, so she has a stamp to mail her ballot in with. There is some Ghiradelli chocolates and some Ferrero Roche chocolates and a box of chocolate covered raisins. The owl has a cute "tail" that hangs down and says "Welcome". I thought it would be cute for a Halloween decoration for their dorm window or door.

The card is a funny/cute Hoops and Yoyo "thinking of you" message.  We both love Hoops and Yoyo!


  1. That's adorable! She'll be so excited to receive that in the mail!

    1. She's supposed to get it today. I'm anxious to hear how she likes it :-)