Friday, March 1, 2013


I tried a new bill paying "tactic" to try and avoid the monthly recorded call from Chase Fraud Alert. I paid the $503 health insurance bill via online bill pay with my bank account instead of going to the insurance companies website and having them charge it through my debit card.  Seems to have worked - no early phone call this morning.

Then I got a text from DD at 8am this morning - she locked her keys in her car at school and needed me to bring her the spare set. So, I had to drive over to the community college (about 15 minutes away) and meet her between classes. She felt dumb, but I told her everyone has to do that AT LEAST once in their lives! LOL. Sad thing is we won't even mention it to DH - he makes such a huge deal out of any mistake - that it wasn't even worth telling him that's where I was going. He was still sleeping so I just left a note that I had to go to the bank and drop mail off (which I did) and he was still asleep when I got back, so he probably doesn't even know I was gone for a half hour.  Took one of the dogs with me for the car ride, which he loved.

I received my $50 Lowes gift card in the mail yesterday from the washing machine purchase. That was pretty fast - I was expecting like 6 weeks. I haven't decided if I'll just hold on to it for something that will undoubtedly come up that we need, or use it to go buy something we want. Most likely I'll just hold on to it for a home repair that comes up or some home maintenance supplies. I was thinking of maybe getting a couple of the LED light bulbs that are like $20 a piece, but even though they supposedly last like over 20 years and use less energy, I'm still wondering how long I'd have to use it to make up $20 in electricity costs to run a standard bulb.  Seems like a huge upfront investment. Hopefully the costs of these will start coming down so the average person can afford to buy them.

I got my hair cut last night (for a whopping $15 including tip), so tonight or tomorrow morning I will color it and be good to go for a couple of months again.  My 2 side jobs made me $910 this month, so that is helpful to have a little extra. Usually it's closer to $740 a month.

I have this idea for a blog/website that I would try and monetize. I know virtually nothing about how to go about monetizing it nor how to get traffic to it, so I'll need to do a lot of research. The domain name is available, which kind of surprised me. I'd have DS to help me with the website design and what program to use for it (I don't think I'd use Blogger), but I'd really have to find out how to get the ads on there to go with the content. So, something I've been rattling around in my head this week that would at least be worth a shot - since it wouldn't cost me much to at least try it out. I think DS can host websites with the upgraded hosting account he has for his website and others he does, and it wouldn't cost extra per month for that.

My boss just sent a company wide email that we surpassed our monthly sales goal for February. We are so on track for that bonus mid year! They are having a lunch brought in on Monday to celebrate. It was going to be today, but luckily for me (since I'm working from home today) it's been changed to Monday, since quite a few of the staff aren't in the office today.

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  1. Things sound great! Good luck with your new site. I love wordpress!