Sunday, March 24, 2013

The weekend update

DH can see with his new glasses! YES!!! He can read, he can read his computer screen, he can see far away. Oh happy day!  We went and picked up his new glasses on Friday afternoon and as soon as he put them on he could tell they were good. She asked him to read the bottom line on the card laying on the table and he pointed to the very tiny lettering even below that and said he could read that. LOL
I will now definitely be going back to the eye doctor at Walmart Vision Center to ask for a refund on the eye exam itself, since it wasn't even the same as the one the new eye doctor gave him.

It's been a pretty good weekend so far. After picking up the glasses we went to DD's tennis match (finishing up what got rained out on Tuesday after they didn't even get the first set in). She and her doubles partner won and the team won as a whole, so that was great.  Friday night (middle of the night our time) DS finally got a race car that ran good and actually finished a race, so everyone was happy about that. He was quite excited when he called at 6am our time to give us the first hand account of it. DH had been following along as DS would put updates of how it was going on his Facebook page. A nice US lady who now lives in Australia and loves racing took videos with her cell phone and posted them throughout the night so that was neat to be able to watch, too. She got a neat video of him during opening ceremonies idling around the track with a US flag and our national anthem.

Yesterday we went down to the house of the DH's friend that passed away almost 2 years ago. For over the past year DH has had the job of sorting, organizing and trying to sell the huge amount of car stuff this guy had in his huge shop. It's just too much for his wife to handle and she wouldn't know how to price it all, etc. I hadn't been down there with him in a long time, but with all the stuff he's gradually sold over the past year it's finally starting to made a dent and you can move around in the shop. The friends wife was happy that DH was able to give her another $700 for what he sold yesterday. He figured it out last night and last year he sold about $20,000 worth of stuff. This year so far he's been able to sell $3000 of stuff. There is still so much more, I don't know that DH will ever get this project done. While he was out in the shop selling the stuff and swapping race stories, I was in the house and visited with our friend. She is doing ok, though I know she still misses her hubby terribly. Her daughter keeps her busy, so that is good.

We got home around 2pm and DD had gotten off work earlier than usual and I walked in to a very clean house! She had vacuumed, dusted and cleaned the kitchen all sparkly and was doing her laundry.  Guess I gotta leave her home alone more often!  For dinner we had New England clam chowder in bread bowls. Yummy, but the soup wasn't that great. I haven't bought clam chowder soup in a long time and the grocery store I did my shopping at didn't have the brand I used to get when I shopped at Walmart, so I just tried the Progresso kind. If there were any clams in it, it was hard to tell. I'll need to try a different kind next time

I had planned to clean house today but now I don't have to - now I have to figure out what to do today....tonight's dinner menu is spaghetti and french bread. Spaghetti is one of my favorites, but DH isn't a big fan so I only try to make it every couple of months. But it makes for good leftovers for me to take to work for lunch. I made that homemade pizza again one might last week and DH tried it and had 3 pieces! Said it was even better than the pizza place we usually get our pizza from :-)

The week ahead is going to be (hopefully weather holds out) 3 tennis matches, so I'm sure the week will just fly by. DD gets to play singles tomorrow which she is so excited for. Next Friday is payday and I have like $50 left out of my last paycheck. I will need to buy some cat food, but hopefully that is all. DD has been wanting a new hamper, with a lid. She just has a wicker type basket lined with fabric to use now, but her tennis clothes are a bit stinky to sit in there, since she doesn't do laundry every single day, so I suggested a hamper with a lid might help the smell problem (and she's been looking at hampers at Target and other stores for awhile now, she just didn't want to spend $40 or $50). While we were at Walmart yesterday afternoon, trying to find the vacuum bags for my new vacuum (yes, thankfully they carry them) she saw a couple of hampers on the same aisle. It was a 5 piece hamper set, the hamper was a lined basket with a lid and 4 other various sized lined baskets. It was $37, so she bought that and was in heaven because she loves baskets. She already has basekts all over her room and in her closet.

I guess this was a bit of rambly post but the puppy (who's almost as big as our older dog now) is asleep laying on my foot and I know if I move he will wake right up and he's so peaceful and quiet and out of trouble right I've just sat here and kept typing :-)


  1. I'm glad the new glasses work! As somebody who wears them all the time, I know how important it is to find the right pair, and it's worth to pay more even.

  2. I wear them all the time too, guess it was a good thing that when I had to get my last pair and change into progressive's that this Walmart didn't have a doctor on staff at the time. I've gotten my single vision glasses at Walmart for many yeasrs and I didn't realize there is such a difference in quality, especially for progressives. I'll be going back to the better quality eye doctor when I have to go back for my eye exam.

  3. What a sweet daughter to clean the house for you!