Friday, March 15, 2013


I still can't get motivated this week. At least it's Friday and payday, I guess, but I don't even feel excited about that. I've been trying to finish my week's dinner menu plan so that I can finish my grocery list and go shopping either tonight or tomorrow morning and so far I have only come up with 3 dinners! Nothing sounds good or we've already had it very recently or I'm just sick of having it so often.  Blah!

DD might get her first tennis match of the season played this afternoon. It has rained out on them all so far this week. Weather report is looking like they might get an hour or two of play before the rain starts back up. Yesterday's match got cancelled, apparently because of "expected" rain that never came until like 6pm, so they totally could have got the match in. It was really stupid for them to cancel it when it wasn't even raining and the courts were dry.

At least it's finally stopped raining in Australia, where DS is, and he's finally going to get to race again tonight - well, sort of tonight - about midnight our time and it's Saturday there. I am so hoping this race goes better for him and his new race team - the first car/team was plagued with so many mechanical problems. I'll just have to go to bed and then try to get up when the racing starts so I can watch for the updates and possibly listen to the audio of the race being announced on the internet. I tried that a couple of times before but between the heavy accent AND the announcer talking so fast (he is announcing a race, afterall) I could barely understand a word of what was going on! I just went back to bed and told DH to come in and tell me the updates, LOL.

Well, back to trying to figure out what's for dinner the next week.........If I don't have a plan we'll end up eating fast food.

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  1. Have you had the Zatarains Beans & Rice in soft flour tortillas lately? We just had them tonight (meatless for us Catholics on Friday!). Just a thought!