Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What day is it?

Is it Wednesday already? I'm used to just being home every night after work but now we've had tennis matches quite a few days. DD is doing very well, she's won 3 out of 4 of her matches. She finally got to play a singles match on Monday and won easily 6-1, 6-0.'d think the coach would put her in singles for yesterday's match? Noooo....apparently the coach texts the girl who has been playing all the "1st singles" (and NOT won one match yet!) and asks her what SHE wants to play - singles or doubles! Hello? DD is #1 rank on her team - shouldn't she be asking DD? Plus, after DD won her singles match the coach makes a comment that the girl who has been playing singles so far would be mad that DD got to play the "easy" match for a win. What a slap in the face to DD! The girl she played against wasn't that bad and they had some really good volleys, but DD just outplayed her and knew more where to place the ball. Plus there's no guarantee this other girl would have won........she's never even beaten DD in any match they have played, ever. GRRR. I don't really like sports, LOL. Today is a day off and just practice for the team. I told DD I'd go over this afternoon while they are practicing and take lots of pictures of everyone. The coach uses the pictures for their year end banquet. I only have Wednesdays and Friday's available to go take pictures in the afternoon and so far it's rained every time I was going to go. Looks like I might be able to do it today, finally.

DD started coming down with a sore throat yesterday, but she played through it and played well. She's sleeping in this morning, (but I just heard a sneeze come out of her room) as she is on break from her college classes. She's not really getting a spring break this year. Spring break for high school is next week, so this week she still has to go to her one high school class (which is 3 days a week) and next week, while high school is on break, she starts back up with her college classes.

DH is coming out of his funk a bit, so that is good. As I predicted, the nicer weather got him outside to work on the yard instead of being cooped up inside all day. Sunday we got the lawn spread with moss killer and watered all the little trees we planted at the end of last fall. I'm hoping they made it through the winter. Some of them aren't looking so good, but apparently they also kind of turn a bit bronze/brown in the winter, so I'm not sure. 

We might have to move my grandma out of the home she has been staying at for almost the past 2 years. She has run out of her savings and will be going on medicaid in the next month. The lady who takes care of her has been trying and trying to get licensed with the state so she can have more than one person to care for and take medicaid, but it's been a long process. She's been working on it for almost the 2 years my grandma has been there! She finally passed all her tests and whatnot, but they keep finding things she needs to do to her house every time they come to inspect and if this doesn't get approved soon, my mom will have to find someplace else that takes the medicaid...or be out $2000 a month of her own money, which she isn't going to do. She's going to pay it for April, but not after that. Plus, when my mom was over there Monday, the state person told my grandma's caregiver that my grandma would have to be moved to the basement (it's a split level type of home), because she doesn't use a wheel chair (though she can hardly walk without a walker and someone walking with her) and any others she has living there that use a wheel chair would be on the main floor. My grandma likes her room and doesn't want to be downstairs. So, it's all stressful for my mom and grandma right now. My grandma does have to use a wheel chair anytime they take her anywhere, so you'd think that would qualify.

Waiting for DS to finally come home! Gosh I miss him. Last I talked to him, he sounded like he was going to come home mid April - but he hasn't booked his return flight yet. Hopefully we'll be seeing him in 3 weeks!

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