Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rocked Target tonight

$32.74 in coupon savings plus $4.50 in 5% Red Card savings!  My total after coupons (not including sales tax) and 5% discount was $85.52.

$8.99 of the savings was actually the Target employees being totally awesome about an expired deal (unbeknownst to DD and I) that still had the signs posted. DD likes John Frieda shampoo and conditioner and I had a $3 off 2 coupon. But, the signs beneath 3 different John Frieda items said "get this item free with purchase"........only thing is it didn't say WHAT to purchase! We tried to figure it out. I even went back up to the front of the store to look at the weekly flyer, but couldn't find anything on it. If there was something to be gotten free, we wanted it, LOL. We grabbed a shampoo, a conditioner and another type of product. So, we asked during checkout and the cashier couldn't figure it out either. We were there during a pretty slow time and no one behind us in line so she asked one of the managers and he tried to figure it out with his little hand scanner, but it wasn't coming up and it might be an expired deal and someone forgot to take the signs down. Nice, accommodating me just said, oh that's ok, don't worry about it. But the nice manager said if the signs are there we will honor it. So he went back to the aisle to see if he could figure it out. He came back as confused as us, so he just gave us the higher priced $8.99 item for free!

I also used a $3 coupon on Purina One dog food (I'm really stocked up on older dogs food now), $2 coupons on Kotex, and miscellaneous other $1 off coupons. The best deal was a buy one get one free Beggin' Strips coupon and a $1 off Beggin Strips coupon. They apparently still had the "glitch" where the B1G1F coupon takes off the maximum refund of $3.75, rather than the $2.50 actual cost of the item. With both coupons I ended up getting 2 bags for 12.5 cents each!  I promptly got home and bought more of these coupons on Ebay and will be stocking back up on Beggin' Strips for the pups.

I also had to purchase a new mop. My Shark steam mop that my mom had gotten me as a gift, maybe only a year and a half ago stopped working. Boo! That sure didn't last long for what she paid for it and considering I'm not the world's most frequent mopper.....I tried different things to see if it was just clogged but it won't even heat up the water anymore now, either. I had a coupon for a free refill when Swiffer starter was purchased, so I got $7 off the 17 ct box of mop pads when I purchased the mop.

Reach dental floss for .40 each with coupon and Campbell's cream of mushroom soups for .55 each with $1 off 5 coupon. It's great to stock up!


  1. I had $10 off $10 from Walgreens, and it expired today. There was nothing interesting, so I was gonna pay full price for almonds... then I saw they had mixed nuts half off their already discounted prices, so I bought that! Paid $58c for over 50oz of nuts. I am a happy camper. Definitely a good time to stock up on certain things... only wish I was as good as you about coupons.

  2. Just another reason to LOVE Target :)

  3. You are awesome with those coupon deals!! My problems is I do clip them, but then usually forget them! :-(
    I really need to get better putting them in an envelope or something I can grab on the way out! You are on the ball and motivating me!!

  4. Well done! I was just looking at that RED card.. (debit). Do I want it? It just pulls the $$ from your account when you use it at Target correct? The Target near us should be opening soon... thinking a 5% discount would be nice!!

  5. Carla - yes, it just pulls from your bank account. I shop there all the time so figured I might as well save an additional 5% with all I spend there. My DD got one too, I think she is there more than me, LOL.