Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend update

Happily, my tax refund showed up in my bank account this morning.  I made one splurge purchase (so far): some pillow cases at Target (darn they are expensive!) to match the sheets I bought awhile back. The sheets came with king size pillow cases, but we use standard for our sleeping pillows and I wanted those to match too. $24 for 2 standard pillow Target! what the heck do they cost for high end pillow cases?!

Another purchase being made this weekend will be a new desk chair for DH. He sits there so much all day, he really needs a new chair. The one he has has worn out and no support left in it whatsoever. I'm assuming as with most things - you get what you pay for, so I will probably at least spend $150 on a new one so that it will be comfortable AND last longer than a cheap $49 chair.

Our 7 month puppy is turning into quite the watch dog with the serious bark to go with it. I'm sure the group of men who parked out on our private road this morning and got out of their vehicle to walk up to the doors of houses and drop off their religious pamphlets were glad there was a fence between them and our dog. He wasn't about to let them get any farther!

Good news on the grocery spending for February - down to $599.51!! I'm starting to see the difference in my grocery bills with not having to feed another mouth (or two, when DS's girlfriend is also here).  We spent $144 on fast food - which isn't great, but still lower than my average per month.
I wish I could have a month without all the unexpected or extra medical expenses for once. February was 3 car tabs due (though not unexpected - I need to plan ahead better for this yearly expense), a $127 dental bill - DD had 2 or 3 small fillings - which is so surprising because #1 - she is a dedicated toothbrusher and #2 - what about all those sealants she's had growing up? They said one of the sealants on one tooth had come off somehow.

Confession: right before Christmas I forgot to return some audiobooks to the library and incurred $6.30 in fines - ouch! I got those paid today. I was off work during that time and not driving around everyday to notice them in my car and forgot they were due and then with the holidays the late fees added up. Not good.

I chatted a bit online last night with DS about my website idea. He thinks it's a great idea and worth a shot. It should only cost me the $9.99 to buy the domain name. He can host it free for me on his server and he can design the logo and website for me at no cost.  I just need to convince myself to commit to the time that would be involved in adding the daily content.  And I need to learn more about how to go about monetizing it.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend - they go too fast!

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  1. Yay for the tax refund! Boooo for the pillowcases costing so much. Yay for getting your hair done! Boooo for the late fees. Hope you're having a great weekend!