Thursday, November 29, 2012

Target trip

DD was at Target the other day buying a sports top to wear to the tennis lessons she started this week. I guess I have her trained good because she actually looked at the catalina coupon that printed out with her receipt and it was a $5 off $50 purchase, so she left it on my desk.  I probably spend that much a month (not counting prescriptions) at Target in household supplies and some groceries, so I got a list together and went shopping yesterday afternoon.

I did get a few good deals combining their sales with Target coupons and manufacturer coupons.  These are my prices after coupons and 5% Red card discount:

Crystal Light On the Go - $1.46 per box
Up and Up Eye Drops - $ .21
Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies - $1.43

I've also really been wanting some Christmas Throw pillows for the couch. I looked last year on clearance after Christmas but didn't find anything. They had their $15 pillows on sale for $12.00.  There were 2 Target coupons I printed. One for buy one get one 50% off a throw pillow and one for $2.00 off a throw pillow. I wasn't sure if I could use both, but I gave it a shot and it worked, so I got both pillows for $16. Since this purchase was what brought me to the $50 I need to spend, with the $5 off coupon and 5% off they really came to $10.45 for both! And they look really cute on my couch.


  1. Great deal on the pillows! Well, your ebay sale of that coffee cup holder probably paid for that trip, huh?!! So it was a "freebie!" What did the auction end at?

  2. Great bargain hunting! I just got that coupon as well, but saved it for my mom. She's an avid Target shopper, & I rarely go there (out of the way). I figured that passing it along was smarter than spending $50 to save $5, which I would totally do. ;-)