Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gift shopping

I have a list started of what gifts I want to buy for Christmas. That's a start, at least. I realized a couple of years ago that I stress myself over finding the best price for each gift. I might be out shopping and see something that would make a good gift but I won't buy it because in the back of my mind I might find it or something similar cheaper. Even if it's just a couple of dollars I would potentially save. I do that with just about everything, year round, but at Christmas it puts extra stress because of the time limit.  Consequently, I'm always trying to buy the bulk of my gifts close to Christmas.

Stocking stuffers are usually purchased a day or two before Christmas. I told myself last year I was going to start shopping year round for them. I found a cute purse sized makeup mirror almost free for DD last Jan or Feb and was all gung-ho to find little stuff all year. That's the only thing I got! I'm surprised I even remember now that I got it or where I hid it.

Since my Christmas budget is pretty small to begin with, other than maybe the few larger priced items I might have on my yearly list for DH and the kids, I'd probably only save a few dollars here and there, overall. Seems like my time would be much better spent just buying it when I find it now (and it's still on sale and a good price!) rather than waiting, thinking I'll find it cheaper if I keep looking.  Then I might have more time in the week leading up to Christmas to make cookies or something.

I won't have the money to buy all the gifts until the paychecks from the end of this month, but I can start on a few things.  That is my goal this year - to try and get past the "but you can probably find it cheaper" annoying little voice in my head and get the gift shopping done somewhat ahead of normal.


  1. Sometimes I hate that little voice as well... most of the time I just want to get done and over with things, but that voice keeps changing "it may be cheaper elsewhere!". I may believe it if it had a better track record, but these days, things are just too similarly priced to fight over less than 5% in the price change.

  2. Unless you are planning on buying those things that retailers traditionally put on sale at the Holidays, it's better to buy your Christmas gifts well before the Christmas season.

    If you have bedding on your list, it's better to wait until Jan. to purchase that type of item as linens are traditionally on best sale in Jan.....unless you find a KILLER sale on something now.lol

    If the electronics you want aren't on a great sale during the Holidays, then wait until Jan. again. Big bargains on last year's models then.

    I have always bought the bulk of the stocking stuffers ahead of time. The problem with younger kids(not the real young ones since they are easy to buy for)....kids once they hit 6 or 7.....is that they change their minds so often and are so influenced by other kids and the tv ads. You can count on them wanting whatever toy is deemed "hot" so buying ahead makes no sense, since you'll be returning an awful lot of stuff.lol
    And once those kids age up to the teen years, all they want are expensive electronics, expensive designer clothing and cash....cash so they can shop themselves, which they enjoy doing.

    So now, with older teens and almost adult kids, I buy the stuffers for cheap all year and I just give cash or gift cards(a form of cash). I don't even get involved in that insanity of visiting malls and stores to do holiday shopping. I've got better ways to spend my time, like commenting on blogs and annoying people. ;-)

    I suspect many retailers mark up products for the Holiday shopping season. Call me paranoid but just because I think that way, doesn't mean they don't.lolol

  3. I am pretty much done thank goodness. I agree with sluggy now that my kids are older I shop all year long for things they need or want. We do go to one mall for black friday but are nice and warm back in our beds by 10 and if I don't have it by then well then I don't get it.

    Almost all my knitting is done for Christmas. I guess last year we all just moved past the giant gift grab and went towards other things. But like I said my kids are much older.

  4. Mine are older now too, but I just can't seem to ever get past "keep looking, I might find it cheaper" mentality to just get the shopping done and be done with it. I did pick up a gift last night while we were at Target looking around. A small wallet on clearance that I am going to give one of my nieces. It was only $6!(my budget for her was $10) So, I officially have one present purchased - haha!