Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dreams really can come true

I've been waiting to post this until it became "official". I didn't want to jinx the dream come true for DS if something changed in the last few weeks.  It just seemed too good to be true and it's now just seeming more real to me. You might have noticed I haven't posted the past month or so that he's had any big job interviews for that full time job he's been searching for quite a few months now.........That is because he got a call a several weeks ago.....

A call from a guy he met when he was in Australia for 2 months a year and a half ago. He asked DS to come back to Australia to be the driver for the race car he owns!!!  He wants to put DS in the car for about 8 or so races over a 6 week period.  DS is beyond excited! We are all so thrilled for him.  He absolutely loved Australia when he stayed there before.  It was the opportunity of a lifetime then to just visit and experience Australia and to get a second chance to visit AND race is a dream come true.

DS has to pay for his plane ticket there (about $1600), but once he is there all his expenses will be paid for.  He is staying with the car owner and his family.  He has been working hard with his contract type job he's been doing for the computer repair shop and was able to purchase his plane ticket, so it's official now.  He leaves in 2 weeks and thought he'd have a about a week to settle in before his first race, but the schedule got changed and he will be strapping those seatbelts 24 hours after he gets there! Sadly he will be gone for Christmas, but we'll all survive, even though it will be strange to not have him with us.

This is a fantastic opportunity for DS's driving career. He's never had the chance to drive someone else's car or be crew chiefed by someone other than his dad.  It will be a great learning experience for him to drive a different car and communicate with a different crew.  This is a smaller type of car and motor than he drives here in the States, but still the same general type.  I think he is gong to do really well in the smaller car and it sounds like it is good, safe equipment.  I can't imagine what it's going to feel like to me knowing he is in a race car and 7,000 miles from home. I'll be on pins and needles waiting for updates each time he races. I guess we'll have to be on Australia time during the races - after midnight our time, but no one's going to be able to sleep when we know he is out on a race track!

I think since he's already been to Australia it will help with any "nerves" he might experience - he's already experienced the flight, customs, being on his own for a big trip, etc. This time he actually knows the people he is staying with, since he met them in person the first trip. Last time he only knew the guy/family he stayed with from talking with him over the internet via his online gaming headset and emails.  We will miss him "heaps", as they say in Australia, but we are so happy for him!


  1. This is awesome! Congratulations to your DS!

  2. Wow - what an awesome opportunity! Congratulations to your DS!!!

  3. What an amazing opportunity! So glad he is taking advantage of it! This is the time - while he's young, unmarried, and not too many responsibilities besides himself! Wishing him all the best!