Thursday, November 22, 2012

Puppy cuteness!

Puppy had his last visit for shots yesterday. He heard the vet's voice coming from behind that door and ran over to sit and wait for the lady who always gives him lots of treats! He's so stinking cute. 37 pounds now.  We are having an "itchiness" problem, still. We've been giving him fish oil tablets, but those take about 6 weeks to start working. It's only been 3 weeks but his itching seems to have gotten worse. Vet suggested trying to give him some benadryl. So, when I went to Target to pick up DH's meds and a few misc things I of course forgot the benadryl. After I get the bird in the oven a bit later this morning I will see if Rite Aid is open and run over and get some. If, after the 6 weeks or so on the fish oil, he doesn't seem to get any better I'll probably try a different dog food and see if that helps.


  1. Our Molly was allergic to most things in life. Because techically allergy season is over, you may have a dog that is allergic to not the normal type of things.

    Molly was allergic to fish, so we had her on ground flax seed for the Omega 3's, so you could try that.

    Chicken, rice, grains in general tend to be high on the allergies list. Brewers yeast is also one and you will find that in a lot of things, especially dog biscuits.

    We had Molly on Dick Van Pattens Sweet Potato and Venison dry food as that is grain free and she could stomach that.

    Benedryl did no good what so ever for Molly.

    We did get her allergy tested and that cost $400 but it was so worth while as we could pin point what she was allergic to. Which by the way included, carrots, dust, cockroaches and numerous trees and grasses, which was great as we live in the country!!

    Any questions just ask as I am the queen of dogs with allergies!! As our black lab had ragweed allergies. Two dogs both with allergies!!


  2. He is sooo cute! You could also try some Gold Bond powder where he scratches. We have great luck with that. Wellness makes a fish and sweet potato food that Jean Dodds (the founding mother of canine immune studies) suggests. I have fed this to every foster dog I've taken in and it improves skin and is really good for allergies.

  3. OMG - too cute - love this picture!! Hope the itching gets better. I know how much I hate to itch - I can't imagine the poor pooch!! :-(

  4. Its probably. The chicken in the food my cog had the same problem but she was biting her feet to death. He vet said to change the food

  5. We went and got some different food to try. Blue Buffalo for large breed puppies. Hopefully that helps because the benadryl did nothing - even when I upped it to 2 pills. Poor thing!