Friday, November 9, 2012

Gobble Gobble!

Just got a call from DS wanting to know if we are having turkey or ham for Thanksgiving. "Turkey", I say, "why?".  The guy he has been working for is buying DS and the other guy who works for him a turkey or a ham for Thanksgiving.  Very nice!  He sure gives DS lots of nice little perks.  He bought him a new iPhone case that was like $55, when DS's old one wore out. He buys lunch all the time.  It's  nice to know there are employers out there who value their employees.  I think little perks make such a difference. My employer just decided to re-institute the perk of free pop and bottled water.  They stopped doing it a few years ago and put in a pop machine, but for some reason decided to start offering it free to the employees again.We also get free coffee, tea and hot chocolate and lots of lunches brought in for everybody quite often. Yesterday was delicious fried chicken, mashed potatoes and rolls. We also have a kitchen where I work and there's always pre-made cookie dough in the freezer....every once in awhile someone will bake a batch. Makes the whole office smell yummy and warm chocolate chip cookies are the best!

What kind of perks does your employer give?


  1. I get to sit down when ever I want, that's my perk......


  2. Bahaha Gill!!! My perk is I get to spend my days with my wonderful children! :) (well, mostly... ;) lol!

  3. I wish I had Gill's perk for our part time job! At the beginning of the year they decided to close the cafeteria during non-lunch hours, which left all of us with no place to rest during downtime (especially since our downtime are between 8pm and midnight!) They recently reopened it with restricted hours, but at least we don't have to sit on the floor.

    Perks... my part time employer allows us to drink all the water we want (from the tap, ahem). My full time employer... we get Good Friday off, which most places dont!

  4. LOL Gill! I guess I'm feeling pretty lucky then. We also also close at noon the day before every holiday and usually get 3 days off for Christmas (depending on what day of the week it is), like this year we get the 24-26th off. I usually take the days between that and New Years off, so I only have to use 2 1/2 days of vacation this year to get a week and 2 days off.

  5. I feel very lucky - we get a ton of perks. I get a free cell phone, monthly reimbursement for my bill (to be fair, I work for a cell phone group so it's totally work related), free soda or sparkling water, free membership at a gym, & I'm sure there's more.