Friday, November 9, 2012

Car troubles

It's been getting cold in the mornings this week- almost frost on the car windows. DD left to go to school Wednesday morning and texted me when she got there that her heater and defroster were blowing out cold air. Not good.  DH did the great "google" search for her make and model and the problem and came up with a couple of things to check.  First (which he already knew) was for her to see if she had water pressure.  Thankfully she did so she was able to drive back home after classes.  Then he checked her fuses and those were ok.  Then he sent her off to Walmart for an antifreeze tester and some new antifreeze.  That did the trick so she was only out about $15-$20 for the fix and has heat again. Good thing because the last 2 morning have been below freezing!  Puppy always takes a run at going outside the front door and did a slip and slide across the porch to the sidewalk!


  1. Wow, that's quite cold if there's slippery sidewalks. We had frost on our car I think Tuesday when the high was 31. We're glad it has warmed up since. Glad to hear the repairs were cheap and not a bigger issue. Hope you guys have a great weekend ahead!

  2. it's going to be warm this weekend, so hope it's warm for you as well.


  3. Gill - Nope, it's 32 degrees right now! Tanner, the sidewalks aren't icy (thank goodness) but our wood front porch gets slippery with the frost and the puppy goes bounding out the door and slides his way off the porch (one step) and onto the sidewalk. He just did it again this morning :)