Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tightwad Tuesday

Ok, I've decided to start something new on Tuesday with my blog:  Tightwad Tuesdays.  Just some random things my family (well, mostly ME!) does to save money.

Use clothes and items until they wear out before we replace.
Dh tries to do home repairs himself whenever possible
Change our own oil on autos
Maintain our own lawn and landscaping (what made me think of this is that my step brother and his wife pay to have their yard taken care of) – other than we do have a pest control company come and spray for ants, as we were not able to keep them away on our own.  We also have a pressure washer that we have had for years and years (from dh’s business) and keep our driveway and sidewalks clean
Dh keeps tools and equipment maintained regularly to make them last

And for Valentines Day - we were the King and Queen of Tightwads today!  Last night Dh had a craving for donuts so the kids went and picked up a box of Krispy Creme's.  The box had hearts on it for Valentines.  This morning I get up to find the half eaten box left on my desk by Dh.  I ate one with my coffee and left the box back on his desk for when he got up.  We're both still laughing ;)

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