Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday night

I'd say it was a semi productive day.  I got the kitchen all cleaned up and did the dusting.  Then Dd wanted to start putting her closet organizing cabinets together.  There were 3 in all, that stack on top of each other.  Dh decided to help, so while that made it go faster it was still a 3 1/2 hour project.  Dh helping has it's good points and bad!  He of course wanted to design her closet the way he wanted it done, not the way Dd wanted it done (and she won't try to argue with him) so I had to step in and get out her drawing and explain what she wanted.  It was like pulling teeth to get him to agree to take off her closet doors (she wants to put up curtains) but he finally came around realizing that sliding closet doors kind of got in the way of the drawer units that are now in her closet.  So, all in all I think we ended up 75% of how she wanted it done.  We're not quite done yet, we still need to do the curtains and then I will take an "after" picture.

By the time I was done helping with all that my back was done for and it's still hurting.  I didn't get much else done the rest of the day, other than worked on our tax return and Ds' tax return.  It's looking like we will be getting back about $2400.  Now I just have to figure out how much I want to keep "secret" to put into our EF and how much to tell dh we are getting.  I think I'll sleep on it and figure it out tomorrow.  I have $1500 in savings/EF right now and plan to put in about $500 more at the end of this month (barring any big emergency).  I'm thinking I'll tell him it's a $1400 tax refund.  Hopefully the 10 days or so it takes to get the refund deposited in our account will give him time to think about it and be a little more realistic about what it should be used for, but more than likely he will blow it on something(s) we don't really need, but in his mind it will be oh so important.  I can tell he's working his way towards wanting to buy something big....first because he asked me how much we are getting back and then last night he was saying that I always say "we can't afford it" whenever he wants to buy something. He asked me if I wanted to go to Mexico! I'm like WHAT? I guess 2 of his friends and their families are going down together in March. I replied "sure, are you coming into some extra money soon?" And then he started in on how I always say no.  So, I know he's trying to guilt me into saying yes to whatever he's cooking up in his brain.  It would be a miracle if he wanted to do something "smart" with the extra money.  And c'mon - he has no grasp of reality where money is concerned - we can barely afford to go out to dinner - let alone Mexico!  Good grief.


  1. I shouldn't LOL but it seems that we have the same problem regarding spouses and the bank account! Mine was just on about going camping when we have a planned trip to Europe coming up that has taken years to accomplish. His 'cheap camping trips' ALWAYS run close to $500 which drives me crazy.

  2. I feel your pain... hubby wants a BIG TV, which is fine, but then he doesn't say a word about my "no spend" challenges cause then I can save, he can spend. ;) I think tucking aside $1K is a good plan!