Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More cell phone savings

I now have a new way to save even a little bit more over my already super cheap cell phone pay as you go plan.  With the $10 card I recently purchased to let my unused minutes carry over for one more year I have about 335 minutes left.  I am hoping to make these last as long as possible before I have to buy another $100 card....hoping to go at least 6 months, but now I may even be able to go a bit longer. 

Comcast, my internet provider and who I use for my email, now has free text messaging that I can either do through a smart phone (though if I had a smart phone I'd most likely be on a plan that had unlimited texts, so kind of a moot point), an ipad or my computer.  When I access my email there is now a tab for text messages.  That's about the only thing I use my cell phone for - texting with the kids every so often and half of the time I do that I am at home and they are texting me about when they will be home etc.  So, now I don't have to use my cell phone if I want to text them when I am at home or work.  I can just log into my Comcast email and send/receive a text that way (it uses your home phone #).  My 335 minutes left might just last me the full year!  Plus, I am a TERRIBLLY slow texter with my crappy phone, so typing it on my computer keyboard is so much easier and faster for me. The kids always laugh that it takes me 2 minutes to send them a text back.

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  1. I like hearing of new ways to stick it to the major cell carriers! Sending texts by computer? Wish I could do it too but I don't have a home land line anymore. BTW, our pay as you go phones are working extremely well. The reception and clarity is far better even than ATT's expensive phones. Go figure!