Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday ramble

Today was some spending and a little saving.  I picked up some Colgate toothpaste at RiteAid on sale for $3.50 and get a $3.50 UP Reward back, plus I had a .75 off coupon.  The limit was 4, so I have no idea why I only bought one! Even with only 1 manufacturer coupon, the other 3 would still have been free! I guess I'll stop in again tomorrow and get 3 more.

Dd and I went clothes shopping for her. I told her she could spend $100 (from my tax refund) but she only spent $70 and got 2 pairs of jeans and 5 tops.  We stopped at Penney's first and she was surprised to find a pair of jeans for only $13.  Then we went to Ross, where she got the rest.  I told her she still had $30 she could spend but she said she had all she wanted.  Plus she got me a Starbucks with her giftcard!  It was a nice afternoon of shopping.

My new Keurig has been on the fritz a week after I got it (as soon as I threw out the box, of course), not brewing or brewing only a little. I've had to play around with it everyday to get it to work - not exactly a quick cup of coffee anymore.  Ds's girlfriend asked her mom (they have one) and they never had any problems, and she suggested to try the vinegar rinsing in the instructions. It was a long process, but did work fine this morning, so hoped that fixed the problem. We do have really hard water, but I wouldn't think one week would be that bad, plus I was leaving some water in the filler, so I'm not doing that anymore.

I wish I had tomorrow off work, like a lot of people.  I think I'll take a couple of days vacation time when my daughter has spring break the first of April.  I have almost 3 weeks between now and end of September to use, so I guess I should use some of it!  We just so rarely go anywhere that sometimes I get bored just taking it to stay home for a long week, so I try to take it in little chunks throughout the year or add it to holiday's for a longer weekend or a week off but not have to use as much vacation time. My company is thinking about combining sick and vacation time into one lump time of PTO, so since I so rarely get sick (I only used 4 hours last year) I'd have even more vacation time available.  I wish they'd finally make a decision about it. My boss has been mentioning it for months.


  1. "I told her she still had $30 she could spend but she said she had all she wanted."

    I don't know how much this says about how you've raised your daughter or her own sterling qualities. It's a great thing either way and something I'd LOVE to hear come out of one of DD's mouth.....tho I am NOT holding my breath

    Good shopping!

    1. She's a keeper, for sure :). I think it's more a testament to her character than my parenting skills - Ds would've spent the whole $100 and then tried a little more! LOL

  2. Yes, that's nice that your DD felt that she had enough and didn't need to spend anymore. I have a 50% success rate too LOL ~ 2 kids that know when to stop and 2 that don't!