Monday, February 6, 2012

A nice gift but.....

I had a birthday recently (I am now closer to 50 than 45  yikes~) and got a very nice gift from my son and his girlfriend - a Keurig coffee maker!  It's nice and convenient, but sure comes at a higher cost to drink coffee now.  Those little K-cups are expensive little buggers.  I'm no coffee connoisseur, so I was happy with the $8 box I found at Walmart for regular coffee.  But then Dd wanted to try the hot chocolate at $11 a box.  We both agreed it was nothing really special and Dd said it sure wasn't worth $11.  I received a $25 Amazon gift card (Dd got confused and thought I had a Kindle, not a Nook) so I am going to use that to order some K-cups.  I'll try some Chai tea and also get some decaf.  It's going to be hard to make myself buy those expensive K-cups too often.  Son's girlfriend says her mom uses the 40% off coupons and Bed Bath & Beyond or buys them at Kohl's when they are offering the Kohl's cash.  Those sound like good plans. I'll have to start watching for those BB&B coupons.


  1. I agree, definitely a great gift, but... it kinda sucks when gifts end up costing YOU more in the long run... :/ Hope you're able to find some awesome deals!! Hope you had a great birthday!! :)

  2. There is an adapter cup you can buy and refill with the coffee of your choice. I never got a Keurig for the same reason you mentioned...those K cups are $$$$.

  3. You are right, k-cups are VERY expensive. Mysti has a great suggestion, but I guess you have to fork out a bit more money to get it...

    Happy birthday!!

  4. I see I could buy that adapter dup on Amazon for about $15. I think I will use my gift card for that instead of all towards coffee. Thanks for the idea Mysti!

  5. I have a Keurig also and love the convenience of popping those K-cups in when I'm pressed for time. I also have the My K-cup, the refillable pod, and I use it most of the time. It's much more economical that way and I can use my preferred grind of coffee which doesn't come in K-cups.

    1. Does the refillable pod need filters that have to be purchased?

  6. No, it comes with a permanent filter. Very easy to use and clean ;)