Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sunday and hot temps

So far we are only at 90 degrees out for our high, so nothing too extreme. Today is supposed to be 93 and then 100 and over all next week. I forgot a year or two ago dh had given dd our portable a/c unit we had for our house in town, since we didn't need it anymore, and she messaged yesterday to thank him again, haha. It was almost 100 where she lives. On Monday it is supposed to be 108 where she lives! A record there, to be sure. I've even heard some business's there are closing for the day. These high temps where I am usually lead to forest fires, unfortunately. Not looking forward to that. Mostly because it's now really not a matter of them just getting in there and putting the fire(s) out asap. It's a business they let it burn and "manage" it. I'm not a fan of this, but it's a money grab, and money breeds greed.

We've still been seeing the bald eagles more, but still not as often at their nest as we used to see them. I hear them quite often, though. They have a very distinctive call. I never knew what they actually sounded like until we moved here. The river is still pretty high, but finally starting to go down. When it gets down more there is little "pool" area on the other side across from us that is a favorite of the ducks, geese and fishermen. I'm starting to see ducks hang out there more often now and I imagine after this next weeks temps the river level will go down more. Haven't seen floaters yet. Even though it's hot, I think with the river level the water is still very cold and it's faster moving, so maybe they don't like it going that fast.

As neighbor was on her way down with her wheelbarrow (which I figured would be too big to get in my coop) I got my little garden cart and me in there and got it scooped out. It really only takes me like 5 minutes to scoop it all into the cart. Then we just picked it up and dumped it into hers and that was easy. I showed her how the watering feeder works, where the water spigot to use. Then showed her where I keep the food just inside the back garage door. Then I gave her 4 year old a carton of eggs to carefully carry home with them, LOL. He's so cute. And she had baby girl in a carrier strapped to her chest. She just seems so content to go where ever mom does that way. 

DH worked until about 1pm weed eating and mowing. It was pretty hot by the time he got done but we had lunch on the back patio in some shade and a bit of a breeze so it was nice. About 2pm I wen to take a nap. Just to relax my back from bending over weeding an area under a tree. When I woke up I heard dh lightly snoring out from the couch, so he got a nap in, too. Dinner was steak and green beans. I always buy the thin cut of steaks, as I can seem to cook those perfect, but Walmart keeps substituting regular cut, which I'm taking because I figure some meat is better than no meat. But, I just can't seem to figure out how to cook these thicker ones. They are always either not done enough or too done.

DH watched more of the racing he watches online and I started watching the new season of Bosch. I just love that show (and the books) so was excited to have a new season to watch and sad to hear it was the final season. Then I read an article that the streaming platform, IMBD is going to do a "spin-off", basically just a continuation of the series and they already started filming. Yay! 

I will probably get dh to hang my 3 new pictures today. Only 2 1/2 weeks until we go on our trip to Texas and 1 1/2 weeks until dd comes for her visit. I'm more excited about seeing her than going on vacation, LOL.

Today should be pretty relaxing. We really don't have much needing to be done today. I suppose I should try to figure out now what I want to make for dinner. Ugh.


  1. Phew I do NOT like the sound of those temperatures! We're having cooler than usual temperatures (when the rain decides to let up), but I'm not complaining! I'll take that over 100° any day!

    1. I'd take rain over that any day, too. Too hot for me.

  2. An ac is better than food when the weather is so hot. I always started chicken on one burner side of the grill, then moved it to the side where the burner is off. It worked. I think it might work for steak, too. That way, it keeps cooking slowly on the inside.

    1. I cannot for the life of me do well on a bbq grill. I just totally suck at it. Steaks under the broiler aren't my favorite as I always seem to smoke up the house. When we were living out in the shop and limited ways to cook, I tried the thin cut steaks on my griddle. It works awesome. I also use it now for hamburgers. But the regular cut steaks are still hard for me to get right.