Monday, June 28, 2021

Just unfriend me

It's going to be 108 degrees today, where dd lives. OMG. There's only been a few days in history where it's even been over 100 there, so today is unheard of. Too bad their neighbor didn't get their a/c installed for them yet! She said even with 2 a/c units downstairs and 2 fans it was still 88 inside their house yesterday. Her dh will be glad to be at a/c work today. She's going to be miserable at home, but said she's just going to start work at 5am, when her dh leaves for work so she'll be done early afternoon. At least it's only going to be one more day for them. Tomorrow they are down to 88 and then low 80's the rest of the week. Where she lives almost no one has a/c in their houses. It's just never really needed, except maybe a few days or a week during the summer it might get in 90's. It will be 100 where I am today and we have no plans to be outside. I do have to go into the city tomorrow morning, but other than just from car to building, we will be in a/c. It's also going to be extreme where my uncle lives, so I'll give him a text sometime today and make sure he's doing ok. He has a bunch of friends and is very active, so most likely he/they will find somewhere cool to hang out. My side job boss lives near my uncle, but she also has a house on the coast, where it's 30 degrees cooler, so you know where she is working from today! LOL.

Mrs Neighbor came over last evening to have me show her what flowers to water while we are gone. She's also going to pick up our mail, which I totally forgot about, haha. 

I figured out and filed the FBAR filing for my half sister yesterday. She only had to do 2019 and 2020, as her accountant did 2017 and 2018 her balance was below the threshold. So, everything is done and caught up for her and should be easy going forward to do once a year now. No need for her to spend $500 a year to do these simple filings. I'm sure that's why she'd get behind on it, because she couldn't afford to pay that every year. She doesn't make a bunch, plus she was a single mom when her girls were growing up.

Tomorrow is going to be so much crammed into the morning. Pick mom up at around 8. Go over to the clinic (very near her apartment) that does the lab work and mammograms. Get her blood drawn (and then something to eat) and then at 9 get my mammogram. Those usually only take about 15 minutes, but if there is a delay, we have until 10 to get down to the doctors office a few miles away. I'm estimating getting out of there at 11. The place that has the flooring transition pieces I ordered is near there, so will swing in there after to get those picked up. Then back to a couple blocks behind mom's apartment building is the attorney's office and an appointment there at 11:30 to sign and pick up her will. Then get lunch somewhere. Then I need to go back inside her apartment to find those prescription refills! I kind of need to pick up at least some groceries, so I'm trying to figure out what time for that. Probably choose the 1pm-2pm time slot and hopefully get there at 1pm and then head home. I don't even know if my ice packs would stay frozen in my cooler all morning in this heat, LOL. I guess we'll find out. If not I might have to run inside Walmart and buy a bag of ice.

Back in Feb our governor lifted the mask mandate, though counties could keep it on if they wanted. Our county lifted it. I had made a just general comment on my Facebook that I went into the town store today and it sure was nice being able to see smiling faces again. A few of my friends who live in my previous state made some comments not in support of their state's still mask rule and governor. Another friend, from that state, chimed in to mask shame us. I just very politely pointed out that while I can understand, my state isn't the same as hers. I said it's twice the geographical size and less than 1/7th the population and there was only one active case in our county. I also pointed out I wasn't at a store with a couple other hundred people. There were maybe 10 people in my store. She begged to differ and I dropped it and didn't reply further. Prior to that she has always been one to actively comment on mine and my dh's posts. Since then not even a like clicked. While I'm not one to very often post a political type post, I do every so often, so it's been no secret where my political leanings lie and it's certainly no secret where my dh's are the past several years. Anyhow, it was just something I noticed from her lack of commenting or even clicking a like. She loves dogs as much as we do and couldn't even click or comment when I posted about our dog dying. I have left her on as a friend and of course still click on her posts from time to time. She's very liberal, no secret either. Whatever. Go ahead and wear 3 masks, if that makes you feel safer.

Well, Saturday she posted a pic of the temp out in her backyard. Her son commented with a pic from where he is showing a nice 78 temp. Her son is about 30 or so. I knew he worked and lived near her so was wondering if maybe he moved or was just on vacation. I clicked on his profile and was scrolling through his posts. Well, dang. The guy is quite conservative and lots of posts/memes making fun of the masks, vaccines and their governor! Something I would never post! Yet, I'm the bad guy she doesn't want to interact with anymore? LOL. People suck.

She is someone I worked with 25-30 years ago. We worked in the same dept for a few years, were same age and got along well (even though she was slow as molasses to do the same job). She always has been opinionated though. This was back when you could still smoke in our office lunchroom (ugh). We were eating our lunches (I always brown bagged it) and I was eating a twinkie for my dessert. She commented " put that processed crap in your body?". I didn't miss a beat and pointed to her cigarette she was smoking and said "and you put that in your body??".  After I left that company to be a SAHM we didn't keep in touch (we didn't live close to each other at all. She lived one direction from that office, I another) but reconnected on Facebook years ago.

My eye is totally bothering me this morning. I still often use drops and if it's feeling a little dry I'll put in some of that ointment when I go to bed, every so often. It was feeling a bit drier last night so I put the ointment in. I get up this morning and it just keeps feeling worse. This isn't how it was when I was having the problem with it getting dry while sleeping and then rubbing off what had healed from the scratch last spring. Then, when I would get up and start blinking/lubricating my eye it would start to feel much better, it was the sleeping that was terrible. Now, every time I blink it feels like something is in my eye. I keep putting drops in, but not helping any. I'm not in the mood for this nor do I have time for this right now. Ugh.


  1. I now just scroll on by, or unfollow people. I know I'm not changing any ones political views and they sure won't change mine, but if I see offensive things-not just a different opionion, I'll drop like a bad habit. Of course what offeneds me will be differnt than what offends someone else. I've leanred a lot about people the past five years, and I'll agree, some people can really suck and are quite hypocritical. I'm sure I've been accused of that and worse.I'm tryig hard to not throw stones when I live in amy own glass house-but no need to keep pretending you are friends if you are not.

    1. I just scroll on by, too. It's their opinion and their Facebook page. I do not post political meme's or jokes or things that are what I consider politically rude. If I say anything it's something where I at least try to be thoughtful and somewhat intelligent, in my own words, or share something like that someone else said. 99% of my Facebook are fun, enjoying life posts and if she can put up with her son posting what he does, she can sure not look sideways at me!

  2. I can honestly say that most people on my fb are of the same political persuasion. One guy is ACLU attorney and president or something of US attorneys.

    I hate it when my eye scratches when I blink. Right now, I am dealing with macular degeneration and should not be rubbing my eyes, but it is so hard not to do so. Last week I got gorilla glue in my eye and boy, did that hurt!

    1. oh, I forgot about your gorilla glue in the eye! Most of my friends are same thoughts as me politically (funny how it works out that way, LOL). My cousin is definitely NOT the same. I scroll past her political comments and click like her her father's day memory pictures of her dad - a sweet man who was a fun uncle to have :)

  3. I'm thinking a lot of people in the PNW who never believed in global warming are now
    Because it's real. Obviously.