Monday, June 14, 2021

PTO, iris's and friends

I forgot to mention this, but apparently I got another weeks vacation every year, when I hit my 15 year mark last year. Who knew?! LOL. God, I can't even manage to take what I earned before. Now, I'm up to almost 5 1/2 weeks a year. I discovered it when I was doing payroll last week and was looking to see if my new "benefits" I signed up for were added and I noticed my PTO accrual now said 9 hours per pay period. Wait, what?! LOL. I guess I knew that, from a few others hitting 15 years, but there are only a few who have been there longer than me, and that was a few years ago, so I forgot about it.

It was a really nice, if not a bit too warm, day yesterday. Thank goodness for indoor a/c! DH spent some time in the morning (while it was still pretty cool out) taking off the wheels and tires from his car trailer, so he can take them in to have the new tires mounted on them when they come in this week. He will put them back on the trailer himself, at least saving a few dollars. With what he has managed to get rid of lately in the garage (more of his wood pile) he was able to take the old T-bird off the trailer and park it in our garage. Not sure if that's going to be permanent or not. For now, the car trailer is parked outside (still an eyesore) until he gets the new tires. That leaves a huge open space in his shop, which is sure nice. I'm hoping that will nudge him to work towards getting rid of a lot of his crap in there, so he can have the nice USABLE shop he dreamed of. But, I doubt it. He will die still having all this crap and I'll have to figure out how to get rid of it all.

I did my (almost daily) walk around the property, seeing what's blooming and what's not and what doesn't look so good. Sadly, the little flowering plant I planted in honor of our dog and we put some of his ashes in the dirt when we planted it doesn't look good. It never has bloomed flowers. I gave it some miracle grow with water yesterday. And we have our first Iris bloom :) They are so pretty. Dh planted all the bulbs our neighbor gave us last fall here and there, all over, so happy surprises blooming everywhere, LOL 

I don't think the 2 maple trees I ordered online and we planted last fall are doing well. The only new growth is now at the bottom of the trees, which from what I read is not a good sign. I'm going to email the company, with pictures, and ask. 

I'll be asking our neighbor(s) to check on the chickens while we are gone for the 7-8 days next month. Yesterday I filled up the feeder completely to the top, just to see how long it will last. Usually I only dump in a pitcher full or two at a time and put more in every few days. So, I'm thinking/hoping if I fill it to the very top before we leave, it will last and one less thing neighbor will have to do. Water usually lasts at least a couple of days, so she should only have to refill that a few times. Other than that, just check for eggs every day, which I'm sure her 4 year old will enjoy.

After I went to bed, it got really windy outside. Then lightning and really loud thunder. Around 11pm our power went out, but only for about a half hour or so.  

A long time Facebook friend (the one who's hubby cheated on her and left her) would like to take a little trip and come visit us for a few days sometime in the near future. Hopefully, it works out that she can come. We have never met, but have been friends due to Facebook for many years now. I can't even remember how we met. I think dh got to know her hubby online through a racing message board and then FB friends and then we became friends. It would be so fun to have her here for a few days and show her around. She has never been in this part of the country. She's got a fun sense of humor. We have a great time joking on Facebook with her over the years.


  1. I hope your special plant for your doggy sticks around!! Love that vacation time for you, means you can book a few days off when your friend visits, and when you do other trips, plus to see your mom etc with no hassles. You have more than earned it!!

    1. yes, I just requested off the 29th of this month, when I have to take my mom in for her annual check up and then added a day to our trip to Texas, as dh wants to take a bit longer to get down there, and not have such long driving days (though then we have an extra night in a hotel, which we both hate, LOL)

  2. Oddly enough I was wondering about your FB friend not so long ago. I sure hope she divorced his ass!

    1. apparently not yet......though he's still living with the lady he cheated on her with.