Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Middling through the week

I haven't had any more vertigo, so that is very good. Not something I want to have to go through again, that's for sure. I'm just glad it didn't hit me when I was trying to get payrolls done for my jobs.

The house is slowly getting shingled. It's a crew of 3 guys and apparently they are staying in the town motel, as they expect to be here 3 or 4 days. Head guy complaining to DH that he's broke, etc. Well, then gee...maybe instead of going hunting each morning before you come here to work, you come here to work, get it done, so you can go on to the next job. They showed up this morning at 10am. Same thing with the framing guy/crew. Maybe if you worked all 3 of you each day (the head guy was here 3 hours on Mon and none yesterday) and you all worked more than 6 hours a day, you'd be a lot farther along. The work ethic/mentality of this area is so foreign to us. Today, the framing crew brought an extra guy, so 4 people working today. I guess this extra guy is a landscaper, but obviously is probably done working on that job for the year, so picking up extra work in construction. DH said he was very impressed with our rockery.

The house is partly sided now. Thank goodness for pre-finished siding! It's like instant gratification when it goes up. We are still waiting on the rest of the windows (triangle shaped) that go in above the front door and above great room wall overlooking river. Exterior doors were supposed to come at the end of last week and still haven't showed up. They told DH they needed the front patio area prepped like 5 weeks ago, so they could come and pour the concrete. So, he got the excavating guy out really quick and got that ready.......still not poured and now we are hearing the concrete guy thinks it will have to wait until spring. Well, they should have come when they told DH they were (hence getting the excavating guy out in a rush). They are just not very organized at all.  DH just realized the plumbers did  not rough in the half bath on the main floor. So, now they have to come back and do that.

I really don't know how to get people to work/do their job around here. Back on 10/19 I emailed our county clerk recorder to ask how I go about changing our mailing address for our property taxes. She replied back that she updated it.  10 days later our property tax statement was mailed out - to our old PO Box address. When I mail the check in with the remittance stub at the end of this month, I'll include a note of the address change. Maybe that will work.

I just got an ebates rebate of $5.40 on a $135 Amazon purchase I made. I don't even remember what I bought, LOL. We've been ordering so much stuff. Oh, it was the little electric fireplace I just ordered. Sweet, a 4% rebate is pretty good. Plus I'll get 2% cashback from my credit card it was put on (which I paid off today). I always laugh at those ebates commercials on tv where the people say "I've gotten back $3082, or some huge amount. OMG, with the average rebate probably 2%, they would have to order like $150,000 in product. Even if they got 10% back, they had to have purchased something $30,000. I doubt the average person makes purchases like that, LOL.

Our new neighbors (also building) at the end lot told DH they have a snow plow for their quad and will be happy to plow all the way to the start of the lane, they have to get out so the guy can get to work, anyway. Now we just have to figure out what we are going to do for our driveway area.


  1. Funny how going to work on a regular basis tends to make a person less broke! Perhaps with seeing you building a gorgeous new home those workers are hoping you'll "share the wealth" if they complain enough about their own finances. Some people. Ugh!

    I wonder if you missed the cut-off with your address change for your property taxes? In my area these statements are printed several weeks before they are even mailed. You also might want to let the assessor know you now have a physical address too as he/she will need to make that change on their end as well. Thanks for the reminder why I don't miss my former office job!

    Glad you are feeling better!

    1. it's possible she changed it after the tax statements were mailed, but I looked on our state's "property" website and we are still listed with our old mailing address. Hopefully the note in with the check will do the trick.