Thursday, November 15, 2018

Follow the money

Some days I feel like we are just bleeding money with this construction! When we had to add more insurance for the start of the construction on the house it was an additional $996, which I had to pay all up front, before we signed for our construction loan. No problem. Then this morning I log into my credit card account and see another $180 charged to this insurance company. I have no idea what that is for. I have an email into my agent to find out. Would have been nice to get a notice about it. There probably was...mailed to our old address, because I can't seem to get these people around here to update my address.

It's warmed up here the last couple of days. Almost 50 degrees. Wooo! The roofers are still working at it. But they can't finish until the framers have the back patio cover built, because that is also roofed and ties into the back side of the house roofing. The framers have been working on it the past two days, so it should all get done so the roofers can finish. Today they are roofing the garage part and haven't done the back of the house yet. Hopefully they will both time it out so it all works out. I know they are having trouble as both seem to need to big forklift thing at the same time.

We've both been very exhausted lately. After dinner, it's pretty much all we can do to stay much awake for the evening. Just lots going on with the house and some of it stressful. Wears a person out. I'm hoping with next week being the holiday week, we'll be able to get a bit more rested. I only have to work through noon on Wednesday and not get back to work until the following Monday.

We are getting low on food again. Always happens quick now, since we don't have much space to refrigerate. I'll make a quick run into town tomorrow at lunch and pick up a few things, then I will probably make another trip into the city next Wednesday afternoon, since I only have to work half day. The menu is getting tiresome, LOL. Can you believe we have not been out to eat once since we moved into the shop here? Well, I take that back. "We" have not been out to eat, but DH has been out to eat lunch a couple of times with the framing guys.  I think we'll probably take DD and fiance out to dinner on Saturday night, treat them and boy do I need a treat to eat out, haha.

I've been slacking on doing M-turk hits again. Just too busy to even take breaks from work lately. I did do about $2 yesterday and today I got a follow up email that I qualified for a $5 hit, based on previous survey's I've done, so I did just do that one, for sure. Took maybe 20 minutes or so. Maybe next week, during the holiday break I can do some more.

The one framer that brings his little dog, well she keeps quite busy all day long. LOL. The other day she found some fish bones she was chewing on. Today she went off with the neighbors dogs for awhile, came back with do I put this....the part the hunters cut off the deer or elk to prove the sex! Yesterday she stole DH's bottle of water. She's not much bigger than a chihuahua, haha.


  1. You're braver than me building a house. I know I could never do it as I couldn't stand the stress. I suppose it helps that you are on-site but still. And as for the costs, I have always thought it was "think of a number - now double it". But at least (in the end) you will get the house you want and I'm sure it will be stunning. Oh, and you have EVERY right to be exhausted! Take care of yourself though and I hope you get to enjoy a few days of rest next week.

    1. thank you :) I'm sure the time line will be doubled, that's fur sure. The cost isn't that bad, but it's still frustrating to find out that the builder just threw numbers at it, even after we asked and asked that he really nail down what the sub work would be cost wise.