Monday, November 5, 2018

A busy Monday

What a busy morning! I took today off to do some "shopping" for stuff for our house. First stop was at the cabinet place. Picked out the stain and glaze and also picked out the molding style. Next stop was a place that sells gas fireplaces. It had been suggested to go there as better prices, but I really don't know. They had no prices on any of them. Basically, it was pick out what you like with all the options and we'll quote you a price, plus $800-$1000 to install. I wasn't really done looking/asking questions, but stopped to take pics of a couple different styles I liked and she walked off and started helping someone else. I waited a bit wandered around and then didn't see her at all. So, I just left.

Then I went to the flooring place. My guy had stepped out but was on his way back, but a nice gal looked up my info and got me my samples to look at again. Then my guy (Bob!) got back and we looked at flooring for bathrooms, laundry and entryway. Going with a good vinyl that looks (and feels) like slate/stone.

Next stop was another fireplace store. Same place we got our stone for outside of our shop and house. They had prices on everything and much easier to figure out. I got some info sheets and took a couple pictures. Probably will use them, if we don't get the one thru an hvac guy's quote. Plus, their installing cost is $600.

Then it was on to a plumbing fixture supply place. Picked out sinks, soaker bathtub, and faucets and she gave me pricing (per our plumber's account with them). I was going to also go to the other plumbing supply place our plumber suggested, but when an hvac guy came out last Friday he offered us to use his contractor pricing with a different plumbing supply place. He's a friend of our good friends and he also insulated our shop at our previous house, so we've met him several times. So, I decided to go to that plumbing supply place, instead. What do you know, he was walking into the place just as I was getting out of my car! What are the odds of that, haha. I'm pointing at him and telling the gal at the desk he sent me here, LOL. I basically picked out the same stuff, as the other plumbing place, or very similar, and she will work up the pricing and email it to me. It will be interesting to see the pricing difference.

My fixed car drove splendid. No more shaking the steering wheel when coming to a stop. I took a granola bar and a banana with me and ate between stops, so I didn't spend any money on fast food. I don't mind driving around this city at all. It's really easy to find places and traffic is nothing, really. It reminds me of a town my parents lived in for awhile (and my dd went to college there). My dad used to say "everything is 5 minutes away" and that's how it is there. Got home around 2pm and I am ready for a nap. The framers are installing windows, which is nice. It's pouring rain - again. The exterior doors are supposed to be here at the end of this week.


  1. It must be both exhausting and exciting to buy things for your new home. When I was re-doing the bathroom and the kitchen, I felt that. So far, I am happy with all my choices with the exception of the shower stall. That needs to be replaced soon.