Saturday, January 13, 2018

Money notes

The new IRS tax tables are out and should be implemented soon by employers. That was pretty quick for them to get out. I'm impressed.  It looks like I will be seeing about $80 a month more in my checks. I'll take it. And as soon as I get off my butt and call Dish and change our satellite package I should be able to save another $40 a month. Add in my estimated net raise I'm supposed to get and that should total about $300 a month more in income soon  That helps.

And then yesterday my Paypal debit card got hacked! Two small charges for a $1 and $3.66. I have my account set up to email me when a charge is made (plus I check it every day). So, on the phone, have to cancel the card and get those two disputed. Getting my auto payments changed to my other debit card. I'm sure I've forgotten something that isn't monthly I have set up.

We are meeting with our builder on Monday afternoon, to go over his numbers. He still didn't give specifics over the phone yesterday morning, but it's sounding like we will probably need to do our plan of build house first, while we keep this house and live in, then do the shop after we can sell house. He said he would be able to get the bank all the info they need on Tuesday or Wednesday. I let the bank guy know that and he said as soon as they have it they can get the appraisal ordered for the construction loan and then he said funds are available in about 45 days. I doubt we'd be able to start building in 6 weeks, due to the weather and temps, but at least we'd be ready when we can. At least that's the plan - you know that 4 letter word that never wants to follow along ;)

We have not been to the city since before Christmas to stock up on food and stuff. I've just been doing a little shopping here in town. I am about to the end of my freezer and cupboards for dinner foods. I went to the store yesterday afternoon and got some fried chicken (it was really good) from the store's deli and a few ingredients to make a pizza tonight. Tomorrow we are taking neighbors across the street out for dinner. Monday, we will stock up again while we are in the city. 


  1. We have such irregular income that it will be hard to figure our increase. I'm excited for whatever does come our way. You certainly have a nice boost coming your way! Congrats!

    1. When my DH was self employed our income was terribly irregular. It was impossible to budget and I really hated it. My steady income makes it so much easier and less stressful