Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The taste test and other news

I had made 2 cups of the powdered milk yesterday. Tasted a little of of it "straight" this morning. Ehh...not as terrible as I remember it, but still a different taste to me. I could drink it in a pinch if I had to. But, I took it and used it with my chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast and it tasted ok. At least I know I can use this in a pinch, if I couldn't make it to the store (more common in the winter with all the snow).  Sometimes I'll decide to make something easy for dinner, like Hamburger Helper Stroganoff and it calls for like 2 cups of milk and then that's used up most of what I have left and not enough for my milk drink for breakfast. I don't want to run to the store after dinner, so now I at least have an option with the powdered milk and something to have on hand in an emergency situation.

In other news:

When we drive out to our property (about 10 miles from town) a few miles outside of town we pass this big fenced in area with a bunch of cars. The first time we came out here to look at the property there was one lone car (like a BMW) parked in there. When we moved over here and drove past it was pretty filled with cars, maybe 20 or more. We've always wondered what it was for. A storage place or maybe an impound for the sheriff? Wouldn't seem like this little county would impound that many cars.

DH was watching the county council meeting on the internet last night. It is the impound from the sheriff - mostly impounding from cars they stop on the interstate with drugs, I guess. That one BMW is still there, so at least has been there 16 months now. At the council meeting it was brought up asking the sheriff when he's going to get those things auctioned off (and revenue generated) and cleaned out of there. Apparently the county attorney wants to buy the BMW....and there's some riff because it should be auctioned off to highest bidder, not just sold because someone's buddy wants it. Small town politics, LOL.

This county is so poor, but they have a good plan for generating some additional revenue. They want to get a police drug sniffing dog to help when they stop cars on the interstate. I guess they had one years ago and it worked well. They were able to generate enough money to replace their old cop cars with new ones. Well, with the drug problem at another high point, this is probably a good idea. I say get those cars auctioned off first, use some of the money for the dog and get to work! haha!

DH got a letter to fill out to be in the county jury pool. It's jury service for a whole YEAR! OMG. Where we came from it was like a week or two. LOL. The meeting he watched online said the annual jury pool letters went out and it's going to be a big year for trials - they already have 5 scheduled, but are hoping they just plead out before hand. If most of the trials are related to drugs, the accused sure aren't going to get any leeway if DH was on the jury, that's for sure!

My black long haired dog:
itching like crazy! I don't think it could be fleas. I faithfully give them Frontline each month. I was using Advantage but changed to Frontline because it also kills ticks. He could have picked up fleas at that groomers last month, but wouldn't you think his flea med would have prevented that? and if he did bring them home, the other dog didn't pick them up from him. It also, apparently, could be the heat. It's been very hot and he's never had to be in this hot of weather for this long.

Anyhow, he's due for his annual check up and vaccines so I called this morning and set him up an appointment for next Monday with a vet in the city. I have next week off work and will be a good time to get that taken care of and can ask them about the itching. I'm going to give him a Benadryl pill tonight, might help him sleep and not itch.


  1. Sometimes if you have Dollar Tree $ stores they will have UHT milk cartons in their food section. This a shelf stable liquid milk, not powdered or evaporated. I haven't tried any but I hear it's pretty close to fresh milk.
    My best friend growing up, her family used a lot of powdered milk due to cost vs. fresh milk back then. I can't believe how crazy expensive powdered is now! Can't stand the stuff myself....

    1. I really can't stand it either,LOL. Just wanted to have some on hand for emergencies, to go with our stuff we bought a couple of years ago from Emergency Essentials. Now that I've opened the box, I'll dump it all in a sealed storage container and call it good!

  2. I keep powdered milk all the time and use it to cook with. Occasionally I get it BOGO so it is substantially cheaper. I am not a milk drinker anyway but drinking it is pretty dang nasty.

  3. I keep cans of Pet milk for cooking. However, I do have some powdered. I hate Pet and dried milk. But, I don't want to use the last of my milk, either. There are a lot of additives in Carnation evaporated milk and others.

    Daddy kept a can of Pet milk in the refrigerator with two icepick holes in it. He used it for his coffee, not much, just a bit.

    Like I said, the NIDO tastes pretty good. Get the one with least ingredients. There are two kinds. It is in Hispanic section.