Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It's a good week so far

The very nice thing about living near all this beauty and nature is that it doesn't cost us anything to get out and enjoy! Well, a gallon of gas, is all. Our other weekend excursions didn't have to cost anything. The flea market was free and so was the car show. We just chose to buy some stuff and some raffle tickets, but we certainly could have enjoyed both just walking around and looking.

We are currently using only about a tankful of gas per month living here. Approximately two trips a month to the city, which uses a little less than a 1/4 tank per trip. The rest is just trips to the mile to the heart of town where the post office and grocery store is and our little drive-abouts. Last night we drove about 15 miles (30 total) to see if there were any elk or deer out grazing. We only saw a couple of deer is all. Haven't had much luck with that lately. They must be staying up in the trees.

It's been quiet (knock on wood) at the neighbors since the sheriff sergeant and deputy were here last week. Wonder how long it will really last! Their 2 little kids still are not there and have been gone over 2 weeks now, nor have the two older daughters (both over 18 and one has two little kids, also) been there the past 2 weeks. The guy did clean up the drive line laying in his driveway and the tires stacked up in front of his garage. The only thing that appears to be left is an old pickup still parked in front of his garage, that doesn't run and an oil barrel. It's really not even an eyesore, in our opinion, though there aren't supposed to be any non-running/non licensed cars, per the covenants. If that's all there was/is we wouldn't even bat an eye. He also brought yet another trailer home last Thursday night (where he gets all these I have no idea) and loaded up the piece of junk that he's been working on inside his garage (we assume that's what he races) and left with it later Friday morning. The wife had left in her car (with pillow and bag) on Thursday evening. (I only saw this because I had gone outside to water my flowers). After the guy left later Friday morning, they didn't return until early Sunday night (without the trailer and race truck) and have stayed quiet. It's like living next to normal people!  I'm sure at some point soon all the kids will return and it will be back to chaos, as far as that part goes. That is what it is, but we are not going put up with the junkyard nor the excessive noise until 1 or 2am. Not giving in on that one bit.  DH spoke with the attorney we had consulted and we are going to hold off sending any letter (similar to what the developer sent) to the homeowner. At this point, how it's been the past week, we cannot ask for more.

Two more days until DD arrives.  Today is her one year anniversary at her job. She's chomping at the bit for a review and a raise, but she's pretty sure she's going to be disappointed in it (based on what a few other employees have told her). She said she is going to ask her boss when her review will be. If it's not a decent raise she'll start looking elsewhere and can surely do that, given that they live in an area where there are lots of jobs now. I would think with her now experience she would be able to find something in the $45k-50k range, easy. My company would hire her as a project manager at that rate in a heartbeat - it's just too far for her to drive every day.


  1. Nice to finally get some peace and quiet. Hope it lasts!

  2. To me, the noise and kids in my yard would be worse than the eyesore...to a degree. I need my sleep!

    I had a car that had driven to Toronto once and to Mexico once and New York four times, I drove it to drop off and pick up children from school and to local grocery and WM. At the end of seven years we sold it with 70K miles on it. The guy did not believe me. Most days, I only put two miles on it. I still live in the same place and still put few miles on a car. I do use two tanks of gas each month.

    1. yes, the noise is what broke the camel's back for us. We put up with what it looked like and did our best to politely tell them not to have the kids playing in our driveway and around our car, but when the noise started up every night from 9pm to 1 or 2am that was it. We need our sleep too!