Monday, June 26, 2017


Sunday was kind of exhausting and I really didn't even do anything except sit around. DH was bored so he decided to go to his friends place, where our little dump trailer is stored. He had some work to do on it. He told friend he certainly didn't have to help him on it, but friend said he was just hanging out at home and would be happy to work on it with him. DH said it might take a couple of hours, so I went the extra 15 miles from their house, back into the city (OMG - too many trip there this past weekend!) and went to pick up a tarp he needed and to Lowe's for some stain for the sofa table. I also stopped in Target and picked up a pair of white shorts and some more t-shirts. I should be good to go now for summer wear.

I got back about an hour and a half later and they were still working on it - something to do with the wiring. I went inside the house and visited with the wife and then after a bit we took some lawn chairs out in front of the shop, where they were working and sat out there. Like 5 hours into this 2 hour project they finally got done! Then it was time for dinner, so we got invited for some pork ribs on the BBQ. Yummy! Was worth sitting there all day, but I think if I had known it was going to take that long I would just have stayed home.  The dogs loved it and are still worn out today from all the playing and hot weather.

Around 10:30 last night the renters whole family got home. Of course it took them until midnight to quiet down. Good grief - how long does it take to park, bring in some bags, etc and shut up? For an hour and a half it was car and house doors, kids blowing whistles (the 2 little ones are finally back - oh joy!), walking around their driveway walking on phones.

Sunday morning I had sent a quick email to the developer telling him thanks for having the vacant lots/fields mowed - it looks great! I also said the renters have been fairly keeping it in line the past couple of weeks. He replied back later yesterday with some updates. Every letter he sent certified to the renters was returned to him (tried 2 different PO Boxes and street address), so he figures they probably were ignoring the certified letter notice that would have been put in their box.  He said he also had a phone conversation (his first since before we moved in) with the home owner and said she was friendly, but he said he told her the covenants must be adhered to, no exceptions. He said they then discussed property values, as she said she was thinking of selling the home, and if we saw a for sale sign go up, to let him know. He also said that if she does sell, he definitely wants to amend the covenants a bit - a bit stronger wording on remedies and costs associated with enforcing. He said if she doesn't sell he will still try to get her to sign off on the amendments, but that he doubts she would be very cooperative, as she won't want to put herself at even higher risk with getting sued. He also asked that we keep our log of violations going. I replied back that yes, we are still keeping our log and we are approving of amending the covenants.

I had to email my boss again this morning, as she never replied to my email last week about taking next Wed-Fri off. She's been so busy with getting the new office lease signed. I'll have all week off next week. Yay! No plans, but that's ok. No work is enough for me. LOL.

This past year we have had this promo thing with one of our major manufacture's. We watch these tutorial videos and such. We all (even non sales people) had to do a minimum number the first couple of quarters. I didn't realize we were earning points and just got an email that I had earned 4000 points and could cash them in for rewards. I logged into the website, to see what I could get - not expecting much. Oh wow! Tons of good stuff 4000 points and under. Stuff valued at like $150! So many choices, that I don't even know what to get. There is some nice luggage with the spinning wheels. Nice Cuisinart and other brands of nice pots and pans and cookware. A couple of nice coffee/espresso machines, like Ninja and Nespresso. lots of hunting, golf and fishing stuff. Amazon fire tablet, 22" LED tv, tools. I don't know what to get!

I had been told a couple of months ago I didn't have to do anymore of the online tutorials, if I didn't want, but if I'm earning points like this I will do it. It appears like it took a year to get credited for these we did this past year. I really have no idea how the whole program works, but hey, I'll take my free stuff :)

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