Monday, June 12, 2017

Take a hike

Yesterday was such an adventure,  that I can't even remember now what we did on Saturday! Oh ya, I cleaned house in the morning and DH went for a drive up in the hills with neighbor friend, though they were only gone maybe an hour. I took a nap. Made a nice salad and steak for dinner. It was peace and quiet all weekend because the crappy neighbors were not home. We pressure washed the front porch real quick after dinner. Figured it was a good time to do it, as a pressure washer is always a noisy thing and unlike our neighbors, we try to be courteous and do that kind of stuff if no one's around to lessen the noisy impact. It only ran for about 15 minutes but is still loud.

Yesterday morning we packed a lunch, took the dogs, and headed up another nearby creek road. It was about 13 miles to our destination, but the road was not bad at all, as far as being narrow and it was so wooded you really didn't see down the cliff edges LOL.

We got there to find a few other cars parked there. Put the dogs on leashes and took a very short easy hike and came to this paradise

Talked to a guy and his kid fishing and he asked if we were hiking up to the other lake. He said it was about a mile, a pretty easy hike. On our way back out the trail from this lake we stopped and chatted with two young men who had pushed themselves out on a makeshift float

They asked if we were going up to the other lake. They said they hiked it the day before. It wasn't too bad, but you do have to cross a snow field to get up there and the lake is still mostly all frozen over. Ok, we decided to try it.

Here's the snow field - there was no one else around so dogs got to go off leash the rest of the hike.

 but what they neglected to mention was that it was still snow all the way through those trees too. LOL

This was the view looking down at the first lake, as we were crossing the snow field. . We kept trudging along. Holy crap, I am out of shape, but to be fair, uphill in the snow isn't that easy in tennis shoes. I'd stop every so often to catch my breath up and move along until the next steep-ish hill and I'd cuss some more. I guess the hike was rated moderate, which for us-non hiker's was about correct.

I guess it was really about a mile and a 1/4, but we finally got there.

We were at about 6,000 ft there.  We ate our lunch we had packed in DH's daypack. Going down was a little easier, but it was a bit slippery on the snow, of course. It was about as perfect of a day as I think we could have. Can't wait for DD to get here and share some of this with her!


  1. What a beautiful area you have near you! I would love to have those views and trails.

  2. WOW. Gorgeous. I could use some of that snow as it reached 92F degrees here today. UGH!
    Fab hike! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lovely photo! It was kind of hot here too.

  4. Beautiful! Makes all that hiking worth it!

  5. The pictures don't do it justice - so pretty there.

  6. It is beautiful - and you're right, the pictures never do it justice do they. The other thing I found (after nearly 40 years in Geneva) is that I NEVER get tired of it or cease to be in awe. Aren't we lucky. Anna