Friday, June 2, 2017


The wild birds are eating the seed faster than we can put it out in the bird feeders. We have a new feed store just outside of town that we thought we'd check out. Maybe they'd even have the dog food we use (since it's mostly found at feed stores) and we could start getting it there.  It's not much of a store yet, LOL. But they did have a big bag of bird seed. I don't think the guy working there was the owner and he couldn't find the price (there's no prices next to the bags of feed) on his price list, so he just charged us $8. It was a huge bag, too. He laughed and said don't expect it to be the same price next time, since he was just guessing. It was a good deal, so I'm sure it probably should be double that.  They didn't carry our dog food, just one brand they carry, so far and I can't even remember what it was called. I've never heard of it.  We're not willing to go through changing our dogs food, so we will just keep buying it 2-3 bags at a time at the feed store in the city.

Our new friend/neighbor is back from his job and home for a couple of weeks. He was over first thing this morning visiting with DH on our front porch. When we had gone out to dinner with him and his wife, she said the mayor lady is her best friend. He told DH this morning that they talked to her about these awful renters and all their violations and she told her they are documenting it....whatever that really means. He also invited us to go with them up into the mountains tomorrow, where they are caretakers of an old mining camp with cabins and such. We'd love to go (DH has already seen it) but have already made plans with our other friend, who's going to bring his old 1950's car to the car show here in town tomorrow. I think I'd rather go up into the mountains than look at cars, haha. Oh well, both will be fun and the neighbors go up to the camp often, so I'm sure we'll have another opportunity to join them.

I was just outside watering the the flowers, while DH just finished up mowing and was watering the lawn and shrubs. He said he looked up earlier and the neighbor friends dog was at our house and our two dogs were over at his house. LOL.

I got my niece's wedding gift ordered through her registry at Target. I wanted to keep my budget at $150, but only ended up spending $97. I picked out a comforter and a sheet set she had listed. They were on sale, plus another 10% off with a code, plus 5% using my redcard and another 2% back in Swagbucks. I think the original prices were closer to $150. After I hit submit on the order, I realized I didn't add in the note on who it was from! There was no way to edit the order, so I just quickly canceled the order and re-ordered it with a note saying Congrats and who it was from. I still need to pick up a graduation card and put in a $50 check for the other niece and get that sent off.

I don't think I mentioned this before, but another thing we did, to keep track of the neighbor's violating the noise covenant and city ordinance is downloaded decibel meters on our phones. That damn guy sure is loud (well, he has to be if the other neighbor can hear it at their house on the other side of the field between us). A normal tv volume, sitting in our living room (with windows closed) reads 45. Him running his pressure washer (and he always starts up at 8-9pm) is 58.  Sitting on our porch it's 83. His diesel pickup truck (that apparently doesn't have mufflers, according to DH), just idling in his driveway reads 67 inside our house - and he has been known to let it idle for 30-50 minutes at 5-6am. We haven't got the reading on it when he actually steps on the gas pedal, but it's even louder. I might also add that our house is well insulated for these harsh winters, so not like the sound can come in super easy.  I looked on Dept of Ecology's website, where there are some decibel listings, as far as what should be acceptable in a residential neighborhood and no more than 55 should coming onto your property from a neighbor's property. While most of this noise wouldn't be so bad, if he did it during regular daytime hours, but it's always after 8pm and before 6am.


  1. I never would have thought about recording the noice level. Time for these renters to go!
    Good deal on your Target shopping!

    1. I'm like "there must be an app for that" LOL. Sure enough there is. I just sent the developer another email, asking if he's gotten a response from the homeowner, (as it's now past the 7 days he gave her to clean up/resolve). Told him, since last Friday, their noise level has increased (probably when then got their letter). Our realtor that visited yesterday said he can't believe she just does not renew their lease when it comes up. Simple as that. Gone. Bye.