Friday, June 30, 2017


I'm reading through Facebook posts on my wall this morning while drinking my coffee, catching up on what happened since I went to bed. I came across a post made by a friend of a friend of some property they just bought in a remote area.  This is a clip from it:

Drained our savings, maxed out my credit cards, borrowed some bucks from my most awesome and amazing in laws and paid cash for it!!!, you really did not pay cash for it. LOL. No wonder people get in way over their heads, if that kind of thinking is their mindset.  But it is a beautiful piece of property/area and they are getting out of that rat race/homelessville area  where we used to live, so I'd probably do it too!

New renter neighbor gossip:
Let me preface the story with what happened the day before (Wednesday). Earlier in the day I was getting something out of the kitchen and movement out back caught my eye out the window. It was a car parked in the alley and some young man carrying boxes from the renters back door to the car. He made quite a few trips back and forth and one trip the renter's daughter (that just graduated high school) came out with boxes. We figured she must be moving out, couldn't come up with any other explanation, though thought it odd that they were doing it out to the alley and not just backed in the driveway to the front door. But her car was still parked on the shoulder in front of their house that night and all day yesterday, so we assumed she was there.

So, last evening, DH was sitting out on the porch with the dogs when the renter got home. He comes over to the fence and says "umm...I know you don't like me, but did you happen to hear anything going on around here during the night last night?" DH said no he didn't. He was outside for a few minutes, taking the dogs out as he always does, around midnight, but heard nothing. Renter says "well, this morning the little one woke me up and I told her to go wake up big sis and she went to her room and came back and said she wasn't there and I went into her room and it was cleaned out and she was gone". DH says she 18? and renters says "ya, she turned 18 at midnight last night" and then DH says well, I think she moved out yesterday during the day....Renter was like "what?" and DH says my wife saw a car in the alley and a young guy taking boxes to it. So renter asked what kind of car it was and apparently that is  her boyfriends family car. Renter said I called her boyfriend and he said he didn't know where she went, maybe to her mom's in the city.

Then renter says "ya, I had to take the kids to work with me this morning!". The wife is working nights (which we assumed) and her new job is also in the city and if he would have waited to leave for work until she got home he would have been 2 hours late. So she gets off work in the city at the same time he's starting work in the city, so he gave her the kids to take back home. "But now she hasn't had any sleep all day because she had to stay up with the kids and now we gotta find a babysitter". Our guess is the girl didn't want to be their upaid (or low paid) babysitter anymore and took off and left.  Then he says "so anyway, we're going to be gone all weekend racing (thank you God) but if you happen to see her come to the house while we're gone would you let me know?"

So, now we know wife is working in the city. They each drive a 100 mile round trip to work and back (he works days, she nights) and she's only making a dollar more an hour than she was making to be able to walk to work (and work days) here. Pretty sure she's using up that extra dollar and then some in that gas hog suv she has.  Can they just please please please move out of here and go live closer to where they work?!!!  That's my wish and prayer. But, my guess is they will bring back that other skanky daughter with the 2 little ones to move in again and have her babysit (because that went so well the first try)

I was telling my DD about all this and she says "OMG - they can't even keep up with their own drama" LOL


  1. WOW! I almost spit out my coffee when I read what your daughter said. You end beside the craziest neighbors. The worst we had was a lady who wore a bikini, that she did not need to wear, while ride a stationary bike on the sidewalk in front of her house.

    For your sake, I hope they move soon as well!

  2. It sounds like a sad situation, but for your sake I hope they move>

    1. we're guessing the daughter probably doesn't really get along with the step mom and when the dad is home all's he does is work out in the garage, so probably not a lot of reason for her to want to stay.

  3. I still can't get past the "paid cash for land" when it was anything but cash!
    As for your neighbors, I hope for your sake that they do move...far, far, far away from you!

    1. well, maybe the part about "drained our savings" counts...LOL

  4. I feel sorry for the whole lot of them. I imagine the bf had more to do with her moving than being an unpaid babysitter. They are working, at least. However, it seems they are not working smart, just hard. Have a good weekend with everyone gone.