Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More tv

It's payday today. Always a good day. Got my few bills that come out of this check paid (most are set up with autopay) and money transferred to savings. Right now I just have a tax account (for my self employment income) and a travel savings account that I'm putting money in. I like the Capital One savings where you can create sub-savings accounts. I'm going to start putting money into the "Pet account" again too. To be used for vet visits and eventually the extra expense that comes with aging dogs. One dog is 8 and the other is 4. I called our garbage service because I have yet to get a bill (they bill quarterly) and they did not have our PO Box, so I didn't get the bill. I know I gave them our PO Box. The only utility that I had to call back with our PO Box was the telephone company, because I had set that one up before the move. The day we signed papers, we had a couple hours to wait to get keys and we went and got our PO Box set up, then I called and set up garbage, propane, electricity, etc. Anyhow, all paid up now for garbage until May.

We decided to upgrade our Dish satellite service. We only have one tv and got set up with the "Wally" receiver, which doesn't have OnDemand nor can it record. I really didn't care about recording, but want OnDemand and didn't realize the Wally doesn't have that capability. So, a technician is coming tomorrow morning to swap receivers and give us the Hopper. It will be an extra $15 a month, a $50 one time charge and also a service call. The service call is $95, but if I sign up for the monthly service protection for 6 months at $9 a month, that would be cheaper than paying the $95 service call fee. I just have to remember to stop it in 6 months, and I have made a "reminder" on my work calendar to do so. When DH was visiting his friends on his little vacation last month, he said they had the dvr, record up to 16 shows or something like that, so he got to see what it was like....but they have a tv in like every room of their house! The most we've ever had was 2 tv's and now just one. I will not have a tv in the bedroom, nor did I let the kids growing up. I know if we had a tv in the bedroom DH would watch it late into the night, and I'd get no sleep. When we used to have our motorhome there was a tv back in the bedroom and that's exactly what he'd do...then fall asleep with the tv on. Drove me nuts. I yell at him if he brings his phone to bed and uses it.

We are such homebodies and this is really, for the most part, our entertainment budget. We aren't really getting the most out of the movies offered because half of the time we don't realize a movie we'd like to maybe watch has already started, so we either skip it or watch part of a movie. I'm sure I will really like the dvr feature. We never had it with our cable at our other house (though it was only an extra $5 per month). I will probably drop the Netflix I recently signed up for again. I still have 2 more months free (with the gift card I received for Christmas) but will probably let it go again. I think with the movies and shows I will have available to me now, I probably won't watch it much. 

We are getting more snow today. Probably 4-5 inches so far. The weekend really warmed up to almost 50 degrees and Sunday afternoon we took advantage of it and got our car totally washed and cleaned out. It was sooo dirty.  We washed the outside, DH vacuumed and cleaned windows inside and I used the Armor-all wipes on the hard surfaces inside. The dogs pretty much go with us all the time now, so lots of dog hair to vacuum. I don't think we've had the back seats in the upright position since we got here LOL. We put the old twin size duvet from DD's bed in the back and they ride there. Easy to pull duvet cover off and wash, too.

I'm trying to read that book for the book club. It's an ok book, I just have trouble reading the smaller print, so I'm not reading for very long periods, which is making it hard to get into it. I tried to download it from my library, but it's on a wait list and not likely to get it in the next month. I may just have to go ahead and purchase an e-book copy so I can get it read.I hate paying for books though.


  1. Other than Netflix (which we recently cancelled) we haven't any type of subscription based television in years. I do admit that I occasionally miss it, especially HGTV. My DH often jokes that he makes sure to fill up on television during his frequent hotel stays. I'm sure that if he ever quits his job or gets one that doesn't keep him away from home so much, we will definitely need to get some type of service again.

  2. I'm not sure we could give up tv. DH really likes to keep up with the news and I enjoy watching in the evenings. But I couldn't imagine having a tv in every room like our friends do LOL