Thursday, April 30, 2015

Closing in on the week's end

Funny how knowing DD is now less stressed is putting relief on me. I didn't realize her over-achieving path was stressing me out a little too! LOL.  I encourage and support anything with her, but I'm glad she has decided on a more realistic path for her education and level of learning. Her classes will still be hard, but achievable. I asked her what her boyfriend thought of her changes and he thought it was a good plan too, but told her she's throwing a wrench in his future plans.......he wants to buy a house (for them) by the time she graduates and now he's got about 6 months (maybe a year) less time to do that, haha.  He really is a sweetie and so responsible and such a planner for his future (and, obviously her's too).  They've only been together a little about 5 months, but I really see this as a long term relationship and in talking with her last weekend I see that they are definitely headed in that direction. They are so similar and have such similar goals in life. They adore each other and are just so grown up about everything in their lives.

She also got her two roommates for next year to go view the 3 bedroom apartment in the complex they looked at and they both really liked it. Hopefully they will get in there in the Fall.  She is also looking into taking 2 online classes through the University during the summer, and then she would be able to graduate next Spring and not have to go the extra quarter in Fall of 2016 and try to figure out housing for one quarter. Since she doesn't now need to do the full time summer internship, she could do the 2 classes and do a part time internship or job. She's still trying to figure it all out.

I went to my chiropractic appointment yesterday and they are having a drawing to win 2 mountain bikes. If you leave a review on google and yelp you get entries into the drawing, so I did both after I got back from my appointment. I have been going to him 8 years now. The chance to enter ends this week and so far it doesn't look like too many have entered based on the number of recent reviews left on both. 19 on google and 13 on yelp. I'd say my odds of winning are pretty good (but I never win anything, so there's that - haha!) If I won them I'd just give them to DD and her boyfriend if they'd want them. He's really into biking (like he rides 20 miles sometimes!), but I'm not to sure about mountain biking. If not, I could always sell them, I guess. DH can't use it and I wouldn't go bike riding by myself.

I am working from home again today. My gas expenses for this budget period will be really low. I have a full tank still and will only use a little over half a tank next week. I won't have to fill up again until Saturday May 9th and that shouldn't be more than $30 and will get me through to the next payday. I budgeted $80 and will be able to apply the extra $50 towards my extra home equity loan payment next month.

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  1. When dd was in high school she worked part time in a grocery store, but wasn't getting enough hours through the holidays, so I made her get another part time job at a coffee shop. The three weeks there were the most stressful of my life. She hated it with a passion and ended up giving it up for various reasons. I admitted to her I was glad as I didn't think I could stand anymore stress in my life!! So yes I know how you feel. Glad things have worked themselves out. Hope you win the two bikes.