Saturday, April 18, 2015

A girl's weekend

DD wants me to come and spend the weekend with her sometime soon, so we checked our calendars and ended up with next weekend.  You'd think just booking a motel room for one night would be a piece of cake. Not for me. I have to over think every little detail to death!

First off I decided to splurge and get a really nice room. The two times I have been up there I stayed at the Days Inn....and I'm not staying there again. I only stayed there the 2nd time because the room was free (shared with her roomie's mom). It was such a noisy place with walls/floors/ceilings paper thin.  I need a good nights sleep or I'll be tired and crabby and no fun to do stuff with on Sunday.  But the 2 of the 3 super nice hotels are booked that night and it's $259 a night for the other fancy place (about same for the other booked hotels).  Then DD says at that price it better come with a free breakfast. Haha. It doesn't.  Figured we'd just eat at cheaper places and go with the good hotel.......or we could go with a less expensive mid-range hotel and use the extra money for a nice dinner somewhere. Decisions decisions. I can never make anything easy.  I guess if money were no object we'd have it all...good hotel and good food. LOL.

Then I decided to look at mid-range priced hotels. I found 3 that seemed decent. But then I have to look at everything about them, reviews and all. There was another 1/2 hour. I was about to book one and realized the $169 price was not cancel-able.  What if one of us gets sick or I can't go for some reason? The rate to be able to cancel was $199. At that amount might as well go with the 4-star hotel.  I ended up picking a different hotel that was $139 and free cancel policy.  I got a King deluxe room with a whirlpool tub. Saturday evening I can take a long bath while DD texts with her boyfriend. Free breakfast too :)

I logged into my Expedia account to see what their rate was (same) but they had an offer of downloading their new app and getting a $25 off coupon code on your hotel booking. So, I got the room for $114 plus tax. Whoop Whoop! Now we can go to a really nice dinner out, if we feel like it, with the extra saved over a $259 room.  Plus DD has lots of "dining" dollars to use on campus.  We can get Starbucks, bagels, and lunch for nothing out of pocket for me.

She's got lots of cute shops she's found that she wants to show me, as well as a drive by of the apartment complex she wants to live in next year. Should be a fun weekend and will be nice to get a little break from DH home :)

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  1. How great! We spend forever looking for accommodations as well, trying to find something nice, but well priced. Sounds like a great little getaway. I hope my daughter and I can enjoy times like that - in the trenches right now!