Thursday, April 2, 2015

An update

Back last August I made this post:

I am just sure there is someone out there wondering how these cheap panties are holding up after 8 months have gone by now! (LOL). Well, honestly, they are all in basically the same condition as the first time I washed and wore them. None of them are falling apart at all.  They are on track to last just as long, probably longer,  as my average pair of $8 panties would 80 CENTS each!!  I am going to count this purchase a big success in the "let's be frugal and cheap out" category.

That's it. That's all I got today :)


  1. I can't buy 80 cents a pair underwear here as can't find them that cheap. Yesterday I bought 4 pair for $12 which isn't bad. I did manage to find very cheap socks though - 6 pair of black ones for $4. The secret to socks is buy multiples of the same. That way if one wears out you don't have to throw the other out - just keep them going. I've been doing that for years. People overpay for a lot of things - sometimes with fear of trying the cheaper version. Well done!

    1. I do that with socks too. I have a bunch of black ones and a bunch of white ones. Makes laundry easy to match, too :)

  2. Great job and good for you for trying them!

    I LIVE in cheap undies! I have NEVER spent a lot of $ on drawers. Multipacks for $10 or less are my go-to. I prefer Just My Size as they fit big girls better than FOLs.
    The most I ever spent on undies was when Fashion Bug was going out of business and they had their branded undies with lyrca for $3 a pair. Man! Those are the best drawers I ever wore and they are still wearable after 2 years. I just wish I had bought all they had in my size because I can't find anything similar now. sigh.

  3. I buy the Victoria Secret 5 for $25 deals and my last batch has lasted for 3 years. I hate trying to find a new brand so I tend to just buy the same ones. I desperately need to buy more now, thanks for the reminder!

  4. Good deal! I love how you ended your post -- the same way my brother ends our phone chats: "That's all I got"!