Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It's a boring post

I'm working from home today. Had to switch with tomorrow because I have a 2 hour training meeting to attend at the office tomorrow. Not much going on so far this week.  I had a quiet evening of just knitting (I'm almost done with my blanket) and watching tv.  Dinner was from Arby's. It was a long  crappy 90 minute commute home from work in the rain and I just didn't feel like also having to spend a half hour or more making dinner.

The vines of the clematis I planted under the front arbor are already starting to wind their way through the  bottom of the lattice. So cool!. I haven't checked out back to see if the sweet pea flower seeds planted at the back arbor are sprouting. It's been about 10 days, but supposed to take a couple of weeks to sprout. If I don't have any luck growing those, I will probably just go buy some more clematis to plant there, too.

DD and I had a text message chat last night about how life can get cut short in an instant. A co-worker lost a close relative of a young age to a massive heart attack and another family here locally lost their lives in a tragic accident. Makes one realize how important it is to appreciate life and don't waste it.

DD has had lots of "grown up" responsibilities lately and has/is doing well with them and making smart decisions. Though she messages me every so often that she doesn't like having to be a grown up ;)  I told her there really is nothing much fun about it. LOL. She is stressing out over finding an apartment for next Fall and a summer internship for this summer (required for her degree). She has applied to everything she has seen posted, though some of them would be over an hour drive each way - probably more like 90 minutes each way. She has only heard back from one, and he said sorry the position was filled. Then in a coincidence, she signed up for the "mentor" program and got assigned to this same guy! Hopefully, that will help her find an internship, too. I'm sure he has lots of contacts. She emailed my step sister, who is a big wig at a big company and she replied back that she will check into an internship position for her, so keeping fingers crossed that a "connection" will finally pay off.

I'm just feeling very blah today, like I just want to crawl back in bed and sleep all day and I don't usually feel like that. Maybe a shower would help - haha!

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