Friday, July 6, 2012

The week in review

I'd say we made the right decision in telling Ds he needed to stay home this week and get some things accomplished, rather than going camping with his girlfriend.  Below are the things he would NOT have gotten done if he had gone:

Went and picked up the $400 owed to him for website work

Worked a few hours at his part time job

Got to apply for some more jobs

Got more info regarding his unemployment benefits and wait time (still not good news yet) - since he's only worked 6 months total he has to wait until his employer files the 2nd quarter report of his hours until he can get his claim going with enough hours total. The corp office is out of state and they have until July 31st to do this, so not looking like his benefits will start until August, but he should be getting back benefits for all these weeks.

Today he is trading some vinyl sticker work for work that needs to be done on the a/c unit of his tow rig.  The a/c hasn't worked for a couple of months - no real issue with our mild temps but this week is hot and a trip to the race track is happening tomorrow. A good friend, who knows of the a/c issue, stopped by with a friend of his who knows how to do a/c repair. He took a look at it to see what was wrong. It's nothing real major and he told Ds what items to pick up to repair and will fix it later this afternoon for him. In exchange for his labor he asked Ds to make him some vinyl stickers, which Ds spent about an hour or so and is almost done with them.  We will all appreciate having a/c for the hour drive tomorrow.

I've decided to just stick with the same health insurance plan (now with no $15 generic drug co-pay) as I have so much already into his deductible and from all I can decipher I will only have to pay 50% of the contracted rate, so it should be about $100 more a month but that is still cheaper than paying $300 more a month for the plan with prescription coverage.

Dd is loving her tennis camp she started this week, at 3 hours per day. She just texted me that their Friday "match play" is done with and she won a trophy to keep for the week :-)  She is getting fit and tan, too.

And for some reason, I am having this "want" to get a peacock! Haha! I was looking on craigslist for some trees to buy/plant and came across an ad for a peacock....I know nothing about them but they are so neat. A house on my way to work has one and he just wanders wherever, sometimes he's just walking along the side of the road in front of their property.  I know I'd regret it and I won't get one - but I still want one :-)


  1. Glad your son listened to you! I know dealing with Unemployment is such a pain!

  2. I'm with Judy. I'm glad he listened and actually achieved something!