Thursday, July 12, 2012

Long Thursday ramble

$10 I don't have to spend to drive to work today. Boss (she's the best) emailed that morning traffic getting into the city was horrendous and to work from home, if I want.  Heck ya! So, I quickly changed from my jeans into shorts :-)  And since I started  early at 6:45 (my usual start time on days I have to take an hour out of my morning to drive to the office and then back in the afternoon) I'll be done nice and early this afternoon, too. Win Win.

I mailed in the vehicle registration for our pick up on June 29th. Saves $5 from having to go do it at the licensing office, plus time and gas.  I did this with the last 2 vehicles and got the tabs back within about 5 days. Well, nothing on this one yet! My check hasn't cleared either.  I checked online to see where to call (there is nothing on the paperwork) and it says they mail them within 7 working days. So counting back, taking out the weekends and holiday - they should have been mailed by Tuesday or Wednesday.  If nothing shows up today, I guess I have to call my local office to research. I'm so glad I made a copy of the renewal form AND the emissions inspections report!  The tabs on the truck are for July, but technically they expired on the 7th. I though I'd have them back by then.  Good thing Dh rarely drives it.

At Dd's last dental appointment she had to have 2 small fillings done. They had been watching them for quite awhile. (not sure why cavaties if they do those sealants??) So, $50 deductible plus 20% = $82 bill to pay. Dang.  And then Ds just went to the dentist Tuesday (he missed his 7am appointment, but called them back by 8:30 to apologize and reschedule and they had an opening later that same day) and now he has a small filling to get done today. So, it will be another $50 deductible.  Dang again.  Can't complain too much though, I can't remember last time either of them needed more work than a cleaning.  Guess those are the types of things I now have an EF $ for.

Over the past several months I've been trying to just do little, low cost things to spruce up the house or replace old worn out things. My latest was the rocking chair cushions. They came UPS and Dh opened up the box and said "Red? We aren't "red" people!" I just ignored him and put the cushions on.  Later he walked through the room and said "hey, that looks really nice - I like the red!" Too funny.  Other items I've bought are valance curtains for the kitchen window, new bath towels and bath mats, dd's closet makeover.  We also moved Dh's desk out of the dining room into the family room (free). Now I'm trying to decide what's next.  I can't figure out what should be next. Everything else I'd like to do seems like a big costly project - and Dh is terrible to get to agree to those. I think I'll go buy a plant. I have this nice planter on a decorative table in the dining room, but there hasn't been a real live plant in there in years. Just some fake greenery.  Dd and I are planning on going to our town's Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. I wonder if they have plants for sale there. Lived here over 20 years and never been down to the farmer's market!

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  1. I buy plants too when I need something new and nice! I go to a thrift store for a little something :)New paint can be another low(er)cost project. Just an idea :)