Monday, July 23, 2012

Free cookies

It's going to be a cookie stock up week for me at Rite Aid.  A couple of weeks ago I pulled several $1 off any Nabisco cookies or crackers coupons off a tearpad.  Well, this week Rite Aid has Nabisco cookies at 2/$6 plus get back a $2 UP reward.  I also was able to print out one Rite Aid Video Values coupon to stack for $1/2.

First transaction yesterday:
2 cookies - $6.00
- $1/2 Rite Aid q
-(2) $1 off mfg q
=$3.00 out of pocket and got back $2 UP Reward for next purchase (plus I got a $4 UP Reward for some Revlon nail polish purchase)

Today's transaction:
2 cookies - $6.00
- $6 UP Rewards used
= Free cookies and got back $2 UP Rewards

Tomorrow's transaction:
2 cookies - $6.00
- (2) $1 mfg q's
- $2 UP reward used
= $2.00 out of pocket plus get back $2 UP reward

Limit is 3 $2 UP Rewards, but a total of $5 out of pocket and $6 back in UP Rewards for 6 packages of cookies is great :-)


  1. And if $12 of those cookies are Oreos, submit for the Nabisco/Oreo Single Check Rebate and get another $2 back in cash....woohoo!

    Sluggy who has put the cookies out of reach until her son gets home from camp and he can eat

  2. Sluggy knows best how to shop at Rite Aid :) I miss having Rite Aid close to us. Now I go there like once a quarter!