Friday, July 27, 2012

Heading into the weekend

I'm so glad it's Friday.  I didn't sleep well last night (Dh had a rough night) and am ready for a nap I wish I could take. The Cymbalta meds don't seem to be helping him at all, in fact, he seems worse. He's tired ALL the time and sleeps a lot more. He'll get up for an hour or so and then go back to bed for 2 or 3 hours and then nap again after dinner. He has no energy at all now. At least before, even though he was in pain, he was able to putter around and do some things. We go back next Friday for a follow-up appointment where I doubt he will be staying on this med, unless this is just a side effect that will wear off after getting used to it.

Ds was supposed to get a call for a phone interview a couple of hours ago for a job he applied for. He waited almost a half hour and then had to leave.  He said if they called while he was driving, he'd pull over. I haven't heard from him if they ever called or not. Frustrating, as I know he was really looking forward to this interview and he didn't want to have to do the interview while he was on the road.  His other phone interview yesterday went well and now he's waiting to hear how he did on the skills and personality tests they sent him.  Other good news is that his 2nd quarter hours from his layed off job were finally reported and he finally got his unemployment benefits deposited!  Only $150 a week, but it will sure help him until he finds a new job.  There were quite a few new job postings this week for entry level jobs in his field and he applied for all of them. 

It's going to be a quiet weekend.  Ds will be gone all weekend and once Dd gets home this afternoon from her last day of tennis camp she is going with a friend and her family to a major league baseball game. Should be fun for her (and free! haha). Guess I'll be reading or watching tv tonight. Maybe there's a movie on Dh and I can find to watch together.

UPDATE: I texted Ds and he said they did call for the interview and he thought it went really well. The interview lasted about 20 minutes and they said they'd let him know next week if they will schedule him for an in-person interview.  He always interviews really well, especially on the phone - he always sounds so confident and personable.  I just keep praying he'll find something soon!


  1. Hope DH is feeling better soon & good luck to DS!! :)

  2. Sorry the Cymbalta isn't working as it should..I was trying to think of the side effects my DH had and I believe he slept all the time as well on it and finally stopped taking it. I hope at his follow up they will suggest Lyrica as an alternative but I will warn you (since no one warned us) that weight gain is a side effect 9as in DH gain 30lbs in a couple of months).
    Many prayers and good luck...I know its frustrating.

    Congrats to DS on the interview! Fingers crossed he gets the job he wants!

    1. I have a feeling the dr. will try Lyrica next. Dh just seems to get worse every day on the Cymbalta. I'll bet he hasn't been awake more than 3 hours today total! Not good. Not good on the Lyrica weight gain side effect either. Dh needs to lose 30 lbs not gain it!

  3. Quite honestly I finally got to the point where I told the doctor I just wasn't sleeping due to the pain/discomfort and he gave me Ambien. Now I didn't take it every night - but it becomes a vicious cycle when you don't get a good night sleep all week - so I'd take one every few nights. The pain can be exacerbated by his lack of sleep, too. And his worrying - he MUST stop that - stress DEFINITELY is not helping the back - I know this!!! The Cymbalta didn't give me the woozies - wonder why he's having that - is it really the med or is it that he's sleeping so poorly? Also - due to my tossing/turning - I moved out of the master bedroom and into the front bedroom - my husband was still working and I couldn't have him up all night due to me not sleeping. Is there anywhere else you can "bail out" to when he's having a bad night? Also - I started sleeping on the floor (carpet floor!) with a pillow between my knees for a while (month) and I have to say I did feel some relief. I am going to pick my brain on things that may have given me a bit of relief - maybe they will help your hubby.