Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh oh!

I'm a little nervous! I just went online to my checking account, (like I do almost every day) and see a strange charge for .01 and then a credit for the same amount.  The charge references a "Enchanting Sweet Peas".  The penny credit just says "ATM credit".  What???? I have never ordered anything from this company and have never heard of them. I looked them up online and looks like a mail order seed company.

Since it's a holiday I doubt I'm going to get any answers today.  I don't even know who to contact first - my bank or this company?  My debit card expires this month and Chase just sent my replacement card. I activated it (less than a week ago) and I also went online to a few companies I pay my bills online with and have my debit card registered....utilities, Sprint, and Ebay/Paypal.  There is a $1.00 pending showing from Ebay, but I assumed that was for them to test out my new card and a credit will also show up.  But this other one has me scared someone has my debit card info!


  1. Oh no! I hope it turns out to be nothing. But I would be on the phone asap. You can try today.....I got ahold of someone at my CC today.

  2. I'd get on the phone now w/the bank, in hopes the call center is open.
    If they aren't, first thing tomorrow.

    But after my experience of a few weeks ago, I am hyper-sensitive to this kind of thing just now.

  3. That happen to me last year and I had to shut down all my accounts. Get on the phone as soon as you can!!!!!!

  4. Ugh!! Hope you get it straightened out quickly!