Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Staying home

Dh has been wanting to take a road trip - to take in some racing and possibly also visit his older brother that lives in the destination state.  Dh hasn't seen this brother in probably 15 years (he kind of disassociated himself from the family - something we ended up doing, eventually, too) and hasn't talked to him in several years.  Just Dh and son were going to go. I have no desire to spend 10 hours in a car (each way) to go see a race and I could care less about seeing this brother.  He and his wife were 2 of the worst parents I have ever seen and I really have no use for him.  I'm not sure what Dh's motivation is to suddenly want to see this brother.  Possibly just getting older (dh is 48 and his brother is around 55) and feeling more mellow about life - I don't know.  Like I told Dh- he is the one with all the years of history, growing up with this brother, not me, so if he feels the need to reconnect, that is up to him and not my decision.

Anyhow, he himmed and hawed (is that how it's spelled?!) all evening on whether they should take off early this morning and make the little trip. It would have cost $130 in gas, $60 for tickets to the race, and some food.  They were thinking of just spending the night in the car (the back seat folds down) and then if the meeting with brother had happened, possibly spend a night there or in a hotel for one night.

But, when I woke Dh up at 5am to get ready to go he said he had decided not to go.  He said he didn't feel right spending that much money on himself and Ds, without it being something we could all enjoy.  He said he also realized it wasn't really smart to spend a few hundred dollars when there are so many other things we need.  This is like a big revelation for Dh! He has never really had that kind of mindset before.  It's a great step in the right direction for our finances, but Dd and I were really looking forward to just us girls at home for a couple of days, though :-)


  1. Good stuff!! He's seeing the light! ;)

  2. YAAAAYYYY! Looks like you are winning the battle and the war