Thursday, July 12, 2012

And another $10 not spent today

I was about to order a box a checks yesterday, since I am completely out.  A box lasts about forever now that check writing is few and far between.  I always remember checks ordered through the bank to be so expensive, so I was going to order from some online place. Walmart had some cheap checks for less than $10 with shipping. I was about to hit "order" and for some reason I didn't.

Well, guess what? My checking account comes with free check re-orders! Huh! I had no idea of what my account "benefits" are.  Turns out I can also have a free small safe deposit box.  That might be something to also take advantage of.  I was just online changing my user ID and password (recommended with the recent debit card info theft) and noticed the option to "order checks". When I clicked on it there was mention that some checking accounts come with free checks. I determined what type of checking I had and discovered free checks.  Love not spending money when I don't have to!


  1. First off...I didn't know that Walmart did checks!

    Second, good for you for getting free ones! My checking account used to have free checks, and they did away with it several years ago. I don't use that many, but enough that I probably have to order at least once a year.

    1. I didn't know Walmart did checks either, but I just googled "checks" and they came up. Seemed to be one of the cheapest and they had quite a few designs to choose from, some higher priced than others. Looks like Costco does them too, but I don't have a membership.

  2. Thats awesome!! Our chqs are crazy expensive too! Hate ordering them... lol!