Friday, July 2, 2021

Yay for Friday

We had our company Teams (like Zoom) meeting yesterday. Basically a positive spin put on the people quitting. I forgot there was another sales person who quit in mid May, so 3 in sales quit and one in another department. That's almost 10% of our total workforce. Most of what the president and owners said, it was try to read between the lines to figure it out. Not my cup of tea. Just say it or don't. But, they seem to feel we'll be better in the long run for the changes. It was kind of like "we were blindsided, got lied to/about, but we wish them the best" LOL. They also said they are re budgeting our sales goal, as obviously, with things still recovering, it was too lofty of a goal. I don't know if that changes bonus, too, but I would assume so, as our bonus is based on meeting sales goals. At this point I'd just rather have a raise.

There were some technical difficulties, as this was the first time they tried to do a meeting from the office that was part people in the office meeting room and part people remote on Teams. The audio of the speaker(s) kept cutting out at first, but then it worked ok. Other than if someone else on the side of the room or someone asked a question, it was hard to hear them. At least my web cam worked this time (well, it worked before,  I just didn't get it figured out) and I could be a face in the meeting. It's easier to just be initials on the screen than a face, LOL. I don't have to worry to feel/look like I am fidgeting. But hey, my hair looked good. haha!

So far so good with no fireworks at neighbors. I think Mr knew he probably pissed dh off a bit, as yesterday he was emailing dh several times (not about that), I think just to show he's ok with dh's answer that we didn't really want fireworks. Just their normal emails they exchange fairly often about life, local news, etc. He did mention he thought son and family were going to spend a good amount of time at their own property and it does appear they were gone all day yesterday.

Just before the meeting I started getting a headache. I took tylenol before. Then after, got myself some lunch. But the headache just got worse, which didn't leave me with much ambition to get much work done. Finally the headache cleared after dinner.

I started watching a show on Amazon Prime Video my sister said was good, called Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton. So far it's good and will give me something to watch for awhile as it looks like there are 3 seasons.

I earned $50 in Kohl's cash from my last online purchases and then saw that on 7/1 I was going to earn $10 more in rewards dollars, so decided to wait until that was available, so I can use the whole $60 at once. I need now to get online and figure out what to buy. I should buy some more summer clothes to wear on our trip. I don't really have any tank tops any more. Friends have a pool and a hot tub. I do have a swimsuit somewhere. Still packed in a box, I think, but not even sure it would still fit. Last I wore it was...umm....(I'm thinking)....2012? whatever year DD and I went to Hawaii with my mom, haha. No, that was 2010. Yikes.

Today we only have to work until noon. Nice. That feels more like normal days. Weather was strange yesterday. So, hot again, high 90's, but then later afternoon it really clouded up and we had a couple of hours of very loud thunderstorms. Then in the early evening it actually started raining and temps dropped into the 70's which was really nice. But, back to 95 today. I'll be glad when it's back into the normal 80's weather (no time soon, though).

The day lilies I planted last summer are looking great this summer. They about doubled in size and are now blooming every day. DH said he likes those better than the iris, so wants to plant more of those. I told him that I read up on them and it sounds like every few years, they spread out quite a bit, so you can dig part up to thin out and replant somewhere else. Free plants, haha.

No exciting plans for this holiday weekend. Just hopefully mostly peace and quiet. Neighbor's visitors are leaving tomorrow, which usually means later morning, since they have a 7 hour or so drive home. DH has lots of racing to watch online this weekend (usually it's evenings) so he will be busy. He and a friend, who lives in Missouri, and also watches, sit and message back and forth about the races while they are watching. Dh has the racing on one monitor and his chat on the other, haha. I can just do my own thing, read or watch tv. Though it is a bit annoying because in between all the racing, he keeps coming out to tell me what is going on or what funnies he and friend are chatting about and I have to keep stopping my video, and pretend like I care who won what heat race, LOL.

Dh is friends with the crew chief of a Nascar driver who races another type of racing in between Nascar races. This crew chief and dh text off and on (for years now). Dh tries not to text him too often, as the crew chief is of course super busy, but it's always nice when dh hears from him. They got rained out from a race back east yesterday and in his down time he texted dh, which made dh happy to hear from him, as dh has been following their races/success and will usually send a congratulatory text.

Well, gotta get downstairs and take some outgoing mail to the mailbox before the postal carrier comes. I need to mail a check for the flooring pieces I picked up earlier this week.


  1. Don't get your hopes up too high for Goliath, season 3-kind of out there. Love the theme song.

    1. that's a bummer about season 3. I guess I will just enjoy it as long as I can then. Don't you hate it when good shows do that? And I hadn't even listened to the theme song, I kept skipping the intro! LOL. So, I gave a listen and it's good :)

  2. My doctor told me some headaches was when blood sugar is too high. I don't know. But, mine were sinus headaches. The neighbor probably hopes he can use you as the excuse for not doing Whatever works.

    1. I know I get sinus headaches sometimes, but I realize it's a sinus headache when advil or tylenol don't work.