Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The last day of the visit and vacation bound

DD left about 10am Sunday morning. She figured she would have a longer drive home - always more traffic on Sundays getting over the pass. She took our pup with her. He jumped right up in her truck, but I'm sure he thought we were all going for a ride. He's a really good car rider and she said he was perfect. It took her like 8 hours to get home. Had 2 traffic back up to contend with. I just sent pups big dog food bin with her instead of measuring out what he would need. It was half full, so not super heavy and then just put the rest of his treats and supplies inside that.  He wasn't interested in eating dinner when she got to her house, nor was he Monday morning, but that's to be expected. Finally, around noon she tried putting a milkbone on top of his food and then he decided to eat. She said he's seemed content to hang out with her in her home office while she works. He's smiling and happy in the pics she sends.

I was ready for a nap at 10am after she left, LOL. It was busy long days, plus I stayed up like an hour or more than I usually do those days she was here. So, it was good to have the rest of Sunday to relax (and nap).

DH is just beside himself with stress, growing by the minute. Every little thing is stressing him out. It is not really going to be a fun or relaxing trip, that's for sure. I wish I could just stay home. The only reason I was going in the first place is because I thought we were going to actually make it a little vacation and have fun. Oh well, I should have known better. I'm sure once he gets down there and see friends reaction to him showing up and the car he brings, haha, he'll feel better.

My friend (the one who's husband cheated on her and left her) is working on planning a visit to spend several days here with dh and myself at the end of September. I hope it works out that she can make it. She is going to look for flights now that we have worked out a date range. We have never met her in person! She is a long time Facebook friend that we got to know more and more over the years. We have so much fun on Facebook and it should be really fun having her here for a visit.

I got everything I wanted/needed to get done with my jobs about 2:30 so that was a relief not to be rushing to get stuff done at 4:30, when I'm off. 10 whole days off work! 

Now to finish packing and what not. I need to run into town after dinner and pick up some snacks and some bags of ice. DH wants to try to pull out of here at 7am tomorrow morning. I doubt I will make any posts while we are gone. Trying to type on my ipad mini is too much work. But, we'll see..........


  1. I wonder if the dog looked around and wondered where you were...lol. It is good to leave knowing he is content. I stress before trips. Mostly, that is because I am doing everything to prepare. Have a safe trip!

  2. Enjoy your vacation! Hope you have a very good time. Safe travels!

  3. I hope you have tons of fun once you get there. I'm sure you will have stories to share.

  4. I'd say "enjoy your trip" but from what you say about your husband, you might only start enjoying it after you get there, right? Still, enjoy your 10 days off!

  5. I'm going back to the first posts you made years ago and in particular your itemised spending.
    Some terms are different to here in the UK.
    In particular I was wondering what HELOC was?

    1. it stands for "home equity line of credit" a type of loan against the equity in your home