Monday, August 26, 2019

Weekend update

Whew - where did the weekend go? All of a sudden it's Monday, already.

I took Friday off and we got our mortgage loan docs signed and all done. Now I feel like I can get back to "normal" and don't feel like someone is in my personal finances anymore, LOL. I hate dealing with banks and lenders, though I must say this wasn't bad at all, as far as supplying documents. The only little "glitch" was when they thought I wasn't working at my company anymore and that was cleared up quickly.

DH donated our unused picnic table to that group he was helping with the work party the other day. It came with our previous house and we brought it with us here, but really don't need it. It's just been sitting out in the grassy area on the side of our house. The guy and his wife came and picked it up, so one more thing gone we don't need. A few weeks ago we had given away this big wood storage box free on Facebook marketplace. The girl messaged me back that her boyfriend had remembered seeing a big wood spool, did we want to get rid of it. Yes, we do. It's sitting in the burn pile, so we'll get it out. They also came and picked it up. She wants to make it into a little table.

Saturday we decided to take DH pick up to the city and load up. First we went to Home Depot to buy 2 metal shelving units, for the garage, DH had liked. They had black ones and red/black ones. We wanted black. Supposedly they have 60 black in stock, but none in the display area. Finally, a half hour later they bring them out.

We ended up buying a new washer and dryer for the house from Lowes. I opted for the 12 mos no interest. I was getting myself stressed with all the researching over what to get and decided to just get it done and over with. We bought the same ones my DD bought almost 3 years ago. Maytag Bravos. It's top load, but doesn't have the agitator. They were regularly $800 each for $568 each. That was a hassle to get them! We picked them out quickly, the girl put the order in the system quickly and then we are to go up to a normal checkout register and give ph# and pay. Then they wil bringl them out to the front area, where you are supposed to wait with your vehicle.

45 minutes later......we were parked kind of far out so dh was going to go bring it over, while I waited out front,only there was already a truck there pretty much taking up all the room. And where they have you park is halfway blocking all the other cars just trying to get by. Then another pickup pulls up, so DH just waited out where he was for a text from me. Waited waited. Finally, a guy brings out a dishwasher for the 2nd guy who pulled up. They get it up in back of his truck and he realizes it's not the one he bought. So, back in the store they go. Me and the other guy wait and wait. Finally he goes inside to find someone. Apparently ended up with some guy from the tool dept. DH calls me to see if there is parking yet, no, but right straight across from me is 4 empty spots for "customer pick up". That would be a much better place to park, not blocking traffic. The second guy was totally in the pass through lane. So, DH comes and parks there. Literally straight across from the door. By now I have been standing there 30 minutes. My hips start aching if I have to stand in one place for a long time. Finally, at 40 minutes, I go back inside and ask the checker how much longer. She starts to call back and two come up with the first guys appliance, so they say they will find out, as soon as they get him loaded. By then it's been 45 minutes. I go back inside to find a manager. Just to tell him/her they really need to do a better job of this/get more help (as 2 guys in vests are just standing around doing nothing). Finally, they bring the washer out and I point that we are parked right across in that first pick up spot. She starts to tell me next time park here in front of the doors. I said until a few minutes ago there was no room to park there, let alone it's blocking traffic! She starts to argue with me and I said "I've been standing here waiting for 45 minutes! I'm not going to argue with you where to park!

Then we went over to the mattress store for a mattress set for the log bear bed. Finally. I have been waiting to use that bed for 2 1/2 years LOL. I walked in. Told the guy I just need a queen set for a guest bed and don't want to spend more than $500 and it needs to be in stock. He took me over to several sets, starting at like $199 to $499. The $199 and $399 were crap, but the $499 ones were ok. I tried a couple different "firmnesses", picked one. Another guy helped DH load it, while I paid (cash). We couldn't fit anything else in the back of the truck and we'd spent enough, so we (slowly) headed home.

It took DH like 2 hours to just hook up the dryer. He needs a different venting system. How the builders put the vent hole in the wall is stupid. So, now the dryer (and washer) are sticking out twice as far from the wall as they should be and look ridiculous. Then when he's going to plug the dryer in he's freaking out because it didn't come with the plug in. I'm standing there looking down at this 4 prong plug in in the wall and I'm like, isn't that what we just bought with the washer and dryer?? It was 4 pronged..."oh ya, I thought that was for the washer".

Of course the washing machine is different than our old one out in the shop. Of course, that is hard for him. Can't do change very well. He did do about 4 loads yesterday and he survived it. I kind of like how he doesn't get to pick the water level, haha. It senses the load size and fills accordingly. I also had to read him the instructions explaining it doesn't fill up over the load, just a bit below it. It doesn't help that you can see through the top of the lid, otherwise he wouldn't even know it. I did a load after he was done. I think it took about 45 minutes to wash. It's quite the noisy machine during some parts. We kind of got used to it by the last load yesterday.

Yesterday DH finished the mirrors for our master bathroom. Originally, I had thought he said he was going to use leftover trim from the house, but he used the rough live edge boards from our trees. Oh well, either is fine. His side looks the same, LOL.
He's still working on the smaller mirror for the upstairs bath. The stain should be dry by today. We had to buy a smaller mirror piece than what I originally bought. It was just too big to fit in the weird angled ceiling spot in that bathroom. I'll post a picture of that one once he gets it up.

After dinner we set up one of the new metal shelving units in the garage. They are nice and sturdy. Very happy with the purchase. The other one is going on the back wall of the garage, but there isn't room to put it there yet. Still have lots of leftover lumber and beams stacked up back there (ugh). DH thinks he might get more of the shelves for the shop.


  1. They are the Husky 77x78x24 4 shelf welded steel shelves for $169. They are very heavy and sturdy. DH was impressed.

  2. You had a busy weekend! But, yay for getting a new washer and dryer, new shelves, and the mattress!

  3. I am glad your mortgage paperwork is done. It takes a while to get used to new appliances. Your weekends are always very busy. I would take a weekend or two off and just enjoy the beautiful home and view before it gets cold to sit outside and enjoy the sun. I guess your DH is like my mom. She cannot rest before all is accomplished.

    1. no, he cannot rest if there is anything at all to do

  4. You had a productive weekend! The mirror looks terrific! Glad your mortgage paperwork went through without any major glitches. Probably nice to know where you now stand in regards to paying it off!