Thursday, August 1, 2019

Short work week

Yesterday was a really busy work day, but the day went by super fast and I got done what I needed to. Deadlines were met. Today is the first day of our new payroll system going into effect.  I didn't clock in as an hourly person, but the option is there for me, so I don't think my boss has changed me to salary yet. I'll start clocking anyway, for now, just to know how it works, in case other hourly employees have any questions. Plus, I didn't clock in first thing this morning (forgot about it, haha), but I'll clock in and out for lunch and at end of day. That way I can know how to go in an edit a "missed punch", which, until they get used to clocking in, I'm sure I'll have to do quite often.

The new payroll company has been awesome and so far it has all been a super smooth transition. We even got our new insurance cards a few days before today.

Our new health benefits start today, too. I will need to figure out how to transfer my remaining prescription refills from the previous insurance to this new one, for mail order. I have probably 2 months of a 90 day supply, will 2 more refills left, so I have a bit of time before I need to figure it out.

One of the reports we have to supply to the new payroll company is YTD 401k contributions by employee. Just received the report from the old company in a spreadsheet format. I guess I never really knew who all contributes and who doesn't. There are a handful of employees who do not contribute to 401k, which really surprises me. At least contribute something to get the free matching money. Several of these non-contributors are getting up there in age - 40's, a couple of them are single. What are they planning for retirement? yikes. Or maybe they have already inherited some money or something for their retirement.

The weather is in the mid 90's. But, at least our home is so nice and cool. I love it. 90's outside is too hot for me and looks like we have at least another week of it. At least around here, it does take until later afternoon to warm up that much. It's almost 11am and still 75.

Our poor neighbor guy is out of a job again. He's worked the past several months for the county, in a grant approved job they had, but now the grant ran out and was not renewed. He's in his 60's, so I'm sure he's not looking forward to finding a job again. I know he just wants to retire, but he says his wife wants him to work a few more years. Hopefully, he can find something new that works for him for a few more years.


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    1. I know, me too! But he quit his other job of several years, so I guess that's on him, especially since jobs, let alone good jobs, are so few around here.

  2. Hope the adjustments to the new payroll system goes smoothly and the rest of your week goes well.

    1. so far, it's been really good transition. They have good people in charge of the process and are very organized.

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    1. me too! I know it was something my boss was really worrying about before she made the decision to switch.