Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Photos and what not

Small world. When we were in Target last Friday I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. I guess my old address was still in their system, so the pharmacy tech asked if I was visiting. I told her we just moved here almost 2 months ago. Turns out she used to live in a nearby city of my old address. Then she said she was grew up in another nearby town where I then said that we used to go there a lot - to the racetrack. To which her eyes got big and she said she used to date a racer. I said, well we probably know him and sure enough, it was a family we raced with quite few years. What are the odds?

DD and her BF got their closing disclosures on their house yesterday! Won't be much longer before they will be able to close. So exciting for them. It's been a quick, smooth process for them. They only made their offer on Nov 3rd. The house is just awesome. The door from the master bedroom into master bath/walk in closet area is one of those sliding barn doors that are so popular now. She is in love with it. LOL.

I am enjoying my "ME" time with DH gone. It's already so peaceful living here, you can imagine how much more it even is, with just me, haha. He arrived at his friends last night. They have a beautiful home with a pool and hot tub. He plans to stay a week down there, so I won't be seeing him until later next week.  I'm glad he's doing this - he deserves some fun time, after the crap we have been through he past few years. He's been friends with this guy since he was 17, lost contact for many years, but reconnected about 10 years ago and have kept very close now. I'm sure they will have lots of laughs over the next week.

Snow is supposed to be coming again this afternoon, so I plan to make the big 1 mile drive to the post office and stop at the grocery store for a few things, that I didn't do yesterday. I just didn't feel like going anywhere. I was waiting for UPS to bring the dog food and by the time he dropped it off, I just didn't feel like getting out. I also need to get out in the yard and scoop dog poop! that is always DH's job.

All the Christmas decorations are up. We did that Friday afternoon/evening after we got back from shopping, so it was nice to have DD's help with it all and the tree. When we got back from shopping DH had the outside lights about halfway done. Looks great. Doesn't appear many here in town put lights up. Kinda surprises me. The neighbor across the field from us put up a little bit of lights and told DH ours look really nice and that the old owners never put up lights. I'm sure the little ones next door are enjoying it, too.

OH! and DD brought me an early Christmas present!

I have been wanting this dish set for quite awhile. I just love them!

For my guest bedroom I have been looking at night stands and found some just perfect on a Black Friday sale at Lowe's, of all places.

Pretty much what I was looking for. Something small with one drawer and bottom shelf. My other criteria was that they had to be all wood (no particle board/mdf stuff). From my searching I was expecting to have to pay $100 or more each. These were only $39 each! Half off on sale and I also had a 10% off coupon, so only $35 each. They are really nice and solid and I feel like I got a really good deal. I still need something above the bed on the wall. I'm eying some art I saw online that are pictures on wood - though this one would look really good on the living room wall above our tv.

Today is payday. I was looking over my budget and realized I don't even have any bills to get online and pay out of it, other than I put something on my Target card a few weeks ago and paid that off. My new house payment comes out automatically, as well as DH's health insurance. Which reminds me. I need to get online and get him signed up for health insurance for 2017. I am praying it won't be very many months I have to pay that ridiculous $511 a month and new options are available. January 20th can't get here soon enough for me. I know it will take time, but it's nice to know it should be changing. I still can't get over that just a few years ago I was paying $270 a month for THREE people's insurance (better coverage too) and now I'm paying $511 a month for ONE person. It's a big old scam, that's for sure.


  1. Health costs are increasing. I just don't see how premiums will go down while also keeping the preexisting condition and insure til 26 clauses. I truly hope I'm wrong. But the only way to keep premiums down for everyone is if you have healthy people subsidizing the not so healthy. Trump wants to get rid of the mandatory insurance requirement so there goes a chunk of healthy people being insured. Also I read while insurance won't be mandatory if you fail to get it or cancel it and then get sick they can refuse to treat you since you had a lapse which is basically denying you for a preexisting condition. insurance was cheap before because they denied all those with pre existing conditions and those people ended up in a high risk pool paying big bucks. Luckily for you, your family never had any major medical issues before.

    1. But, I also think if more companies can compete for people's business, premiums should see a decrease. Right now I have exactly 3 companies to choose from, so not much choice and of course they can jack up premiums. We have no other choices right now. I also do not believe that in 3 years the cost of premiums really needed to almost triple. I don't think healthcare costs have gone up 300%. I have had to pay some high medical bills, back about 10 years ago when DH was seeing neurologists and specialists trying to figure out what was wrong with him. He's had 2 muscle biopsies done (costly), as well as one test, to rule out some disease, was like $3000 just for the blood test, numerous MRI's, spinal tap, etc. Thankfully it was only for a year or two, and not ongoing costs.

    2. I don't think health care costs went up a lot. It was all the uninsured who got insurance and used lots of it which then resulted in premium hikes across the board. Plus insurance has to now cover yearly exams and preventative stuff. I Think companies being able to sell across state lines should help some.

    3. I am hoping it helps - even if I could be at 2016 premium price for DH of $353 I'd be happier than $511!