Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday chit chat

One of the 3 choices of health insurance I have to choose from, for DH, was having problems with their website yesterday, when I was first looking. The other 2's premiums were about the same ($600). I was able to get online with the 3rd company yesterday afternoon and got at least some better news. Their premium for DH would be $511. Still a ridiculous amount, but at least quite a bit cheaper. Still just infuriates me that I have to pay $6000 a year for what amounts to catastrophic coverage, plus still pay a huge deductible, copays, coinsurance and prescriptions aren't even covered until deductible is met.

In other news. I had to buy a new pillow for sleeping. I left my pillow at my mom's accidentally the day I moved. It was starting to get old and flatter anyway, so I told her just to toss it out. I tried using one of our extra pillows from what was on the kids beds but for a good week or two my neck was hurting and headaches. Since I was a kid I have always used a latex foam type of pillow. Not that easy to find these days (with all the memory foam now so popular) but  Bed Bath and Beyond carries it so I ordered one online and it came on Monday. I feel so much better now!

I figured out a way to at least watch some on demand shows via Dish. I can watch some shows via my computer, but not stuff from HBO (the plug in won't install for some reason), but it loaded fine on my ipad mini, so I have been catching up on the last season of Game of Thrones using my ipad. Apparently the satellite box I got doesn't allow for on demand. I got the "Wally" since we only have one tv and I didn't think I needed the Hopper, which has dvr. I can apparently get on Demand through the "Wally", if I add an external hard drive to it and pay a set up fee...I don't know all what. Seemed way to complicated to me. I'll just watch the shows I miss on my computer or ipad.

DH is going to finally be able to start unloading that 53' semi trailer into the shop. He found a forklift to rent (for  like $100 a day) from the town lumber store. He's going to get started on that tomorrow - the weather is supposed to be really nice the rest of the week) and thinks it will take him 2 days. He wanted the inside of our attached garage finished, with tape and texture, so he can paint. A guy is coming to do that on Saturday. It will be interesting to see how it all fits in both the shop and garage! Square footage wise they both total what our old shop/garage did, so it should be pretty do-able. Plus the shop has almost a quarter of it with a loft area, he can also store. He is going to add overhead shelves in the attached garage, up by the ceiling (I saw it on Pinterest) to store extra stuff, too.

The bed I ordered for the guest room also came on Monday. Now just need the mattress. We are going to go into the city later this afternoon, after I get off work, at get a queen set purchased. I'm not going to spend too much on it. It will hardly get used, probably just a handful of times a year, when DD comes to visit. I see the store we are going to go to has a couple of sets on sale for around $300. I'll see how they are to lay on and hopefully one of them will be good enough as a guest bed, otherwise I might go up to the next price level. I called this morning and they have one of the queen sets in stock, so we could get it all done in one trip, which is what we are hoping to do. DH really liked the bed frame I purchased. I'll post a picture of it, when it's all set up and bedding on it.

It sounds like our old "good neighbor" might drive over for Thanksgiving. He's had Thanksgiving with us for quite a few years, so of course before we moved I mentioned to him a couple of times he's welcome to still come have Thanksgiving with us :) He and DH still text and email. He said our old yard hasn't been mowed since we left, LOL.

The company I work for had another huge sales month for October. Our year end bonus should be in the bag after that month. Still 2 months to go in the year and we are almost at our year end goal. Woo!


  1. Trump 2016. I think people are judging Trump based on his words/character and not his actions. Many people around the world are rooting for Trump and some of them not for the right reasons. I was in China recently and people sit in bars and watch all the twists and turns of the election. It is highly entertaining to them. They are kind of maliciously hoping Trump destroys our 'democracy' and that we would devolve into bloody Civil War. The gov't propaganda machine puts out all these statements on democracy being at the end of its lifespan and that their system is better.

    However, I know at least half of American can see Trump is a highly educated/intelligent person with the discipline and restraint to run this country effectively. He can be ruthless when necessary which is a good thing when ISIS is running the world. For instance, his suggestion to go after the family and children of terrorists would motivated family members to speak up when their son start making bombs. I also think political correctness is destroying us. Every day black people changes the acceptable name for which they should be called - not black, negro, or coloured. What is wrong with those words? But the rappers called themselves nigga all day long. I am sick of the black thugs, the Mexicans drug gangs and those feminist women who cries foul if you even accidentally touch them in an elevator. And the Bible says a man should be the head, not a woman. Hillary needs to stand down and remove herself from race.

    1. I agree, though I think a woman can be president. I just don't think Hillary is the one. World history has many women who have ruled. It's going to all be interesting next Tuesday and a close one, either way it goes, I'm sure.

  2. Don't forget the best reason to vote Trump: it is time for America to be destroyed. Empires come and go, and the American empire has devolved into a selfish,unproductive, largely unintelligent group of parasites. Wasting more of the world resources per person than any nation on earth. Its Human Right record is worst than a banana republic. For instance Health Care is a Human Right according to Article 25 of UDHR. USA cannot even provide basic health care for its citizens without all the selfish wretches squealing and screeching about the cost.

    With Trump, the world is hoping the USA is economically devastated and politically sundered, possibly falling into another civil war. The world needs America to be destroyed in order to advance with a new dominant culture.

    From our side of the world we are hoping all Americans Vote Trump! We are sick of the US. Let the blood flow in the street. Let the stupid arrogance and the finger wagging at the world end. The fat, selfish, immoral, racist, greedy, grasping fools.

    1. Gee...thanks Unknown. Wow.......not sure how my post about finding a better price, my new bed pillow, finding on demand on Dish, my old neighbor coming for Thanksgiving dinner, my new guest bed and a bonus at work, is about the need for the USA to fall to ruin, but ok then. Try to have a nice day :)