Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Managing some bills

I got online with my bank account this morning, as I do every morning, just to make sure everything looks right. Why is there another payment pending to the electric company? I made the payment due online directly with the energy company last week and it cleared my bank that day. Now there is another payment pending for same amount. I called and she said it looked like one was an online payment and one was a check received. Hmmm....ok...I thought I must have set it up to pay via online bill pay through my bank, forgot I had done that and then paid online on their website. I checked my online bill pay (which I didn't remember doing, except for our water/sewer) and I had not set them up as a bill pay at all. I also did not send them a check. WTH?! I guess I have a credit towards next months bill now, but still!

I had to "suggest" to DD last night she needs to stop being such a data  hog for our cell phone service plan. We share our bill for the 3 phones, she pays 1/3. BUT, she uses 90% of the data! A few months ago, when Verizon changed their plans, I upped us from 3gb to 4gb data. DH and I don't use very much at all, since we are mostly at home and connect to wi-fi. We were constantly getting right to 3 gb, so I upped it to 4gb. Now we are barely making it the month on 4gb. I looked at the details yesterday and I used 2%, DH 4% and the rest was DD! C'mon now.  She said "well, I guess we need more data" and I said "No, YOU need more data" LOL. I told her DH and I don't need very much, but we at least need to be able to have some available when we need it (like DH being on the road yesterday) and not have to go over. Turns out she is listening to music on her phone all day while at work, so that is what is using it up now. I told her she's just going to have to cut back some on that, so we have some data available when we need to use it, too. Sounds like she and BF might be going on a plan together soon (he's on his parents plan). Works for me.  Then I'll probably cut us down to the "small" plan, which I think is 2gb. That would be enough for me and DH. Right now we are typically using less than 1gb.

DH drove a whole bunch yesterday, about halfway to his destination. I think he drove almost 13 hours. Yikes, but that's how he rolls (and another reason I had no desire to go on this trip). He stopped and got a hotel last night. I don't know how he thought he was just going to stop at a rest stop and sleep in the pickup a few hours. Way too cold for that, obviously. He should get to his friends place, near Dallas, this evening some time.

I signed up for Netflix again yesterday, so I could watch Longmire, haha. I choose the smallest plan, this time for $7.99/mo. With DD not using it, I didn't need the $9.99 plan. I can't really tell the difference between SD and HD anyway and our internet probably isn't that fast to handle HD anyway. So, last night I started my binge watching :) I only got partway into the second episode, because I stopped to watch The Voice, which was 2 hours of my evening.

Yesterday morning's snow melted off by mid day. No snow today, but supposed to be some each day for like a week starting tomorrow. I went to get our mail yesterday and see they had sanded the street a bit. Since today is clear, I think I'll make sure to get the mail today and also stop at the grocery store for a few things. That way, if it snows a lot I can just stay put! I haven't learned to drive in the snow yet!

The dog food I use for the dogs I used to find at a couple of feed stores in my old area. I haven't been able to find it in this area. Supposedly a small grocery store in the city carried it. We stopped there last Friday, and they carried the brand, just not the chicken and rice flavor. The only other place is a Tractor Supply about another 10 miles farther, but Tractor Supply (where I used to buy it where I lived before) shows if they have stuff in stock and it showed out of stock at that store, so we didn't drive there. I ordered another bag via Amazon at the beginning of last week, thinking that was plenty of time to get the bag here before I ran out. Geez! They didn't ship it for 3 or 4 days and now it's on the slow boat here, supposed to be arriving tomorrow. 10 days is a little ridiculous. I should have ordered 2 bags (one bag lasts about a month). Next time I will. I have enough for a couple more days, at least.

Well, back to work!


  1. I love Netflix! I do not have cable or a TV set in the studio apartment I stay during the week. I watched the first season of The Crown and am nowadays watching different variations of Star Trek, my favorite.

    1. I am going to watch The Crown as soon as I'm done with Longmire. I hear it's really good.